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Burma Sufi Appeal

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Masha'Allah, Farida has been working tirelessly for many years to help the people of Burma. Recently she visited Burma with her son, Tariq, and they found the people hungry for spirituality and so Tariq led some groups in the Khatam ul Khawajagan.

A few days after their return to the UK they met Sh. Mehmet in Glastonbury and he instructed them to return to Burma and that Tariq should lead dhikrs there and give bayat to those wishing to follow the Naqshbandi path. The picture above was taken at this meeting. They will be leaving shortly, in early April, in accordance with the Sheikh's wishes.

They have recently set up a Facebook page "BurmaSufi Appeal". In time updates, photos and videos of their work and visits to Burma will be posted. 

Burma Sufi Facebook page

If you wish to support this activity donations can be sent to the Burma Sufi Appeal PayPal account using the Burma Sufi appeal PayPal button here.



Healing Hearts newsletter 2011

As salaamualaykum.

Once more a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been helping Healing Hearts in the last 13 years, al Hamdulillah! We have just come back from a trip to The Gambia, so this is a short description of how our projects are developing there:


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Burma Sufi Appeal

Donations may be made to assist Farida and Tariq in introducing the Naqsbandi way to the Burmese people. Thank you for your support.