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Arabic calligraphyThe impulse to seek truth is fundamentally religious, but for many these days formal religion may appear to be a relic from a bygone age; partly because although spirituality is religious, religion may not always be spiritual, and to many people, religion, apart from being unfashionable, may appear devoid of content. In our age religion is devalued and spirituality often misdirected as a result.

"Our way is through association, and blessings are in the gathering"


Burma Sufi Appeal

burma sufi appeal-1

Masha'Allah, Farida has been working tirelessly for many years to help the people of Burma. Recently she visited Burma with her son, Tariq, and they found the people hungry for spirituality and so Tariq led some groups in the Khatam ul Khawajagan.

A few days after their return to the UK they met Sh. Mehmet in Glastonbury and he instructed them to return to Burma and that Tariq should lead dhikrs there and give bayat to those wishing to follow the Naqshbandi path. The picture above was taken at this meeting. They will be leaving shortly, in early April, in accordance with the Sheikh's wishes.

They have recently set up a Facebook page "BurmaSufi Appeal". In time updates, photos and videos of their work and visits to Burma will be posted. 

Burma Sufi Facebook page

If you wish to support this activity donations can be sent to the Burma Sufi Appeal PayPal account using the Burma Sufi appeal PayPal button here.



The Sufi Way is ‘Adab’

Bismillah i’Rahman i’Rahim. We are asking from Allah Almighty his divine protection from Shaitan, because some people are carriers of Shaitan. Some people have  the characteristic of always carrying Shaitan as a bodyguard or friend, not just an ordinary friend but a best friend.


The Master Carpenter

A recent sohbet of Sheikh Nazim likened the work of the Sheikh to that of a Master carpenter…

“Sheikh Abdullah Al Daghestani, our Sheikh, our Master, He is the last link of the Golden Chain of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order. He is the seal of the chain. Who does not get his seal can never be a Sheikh and cannot be even a mureed, and will not understand anything to speak. Becoming logs of wood. If the wood does not go through the hands of the carpenter it remains a log. The only benefit is in the fireplace. But if it goes through the hands of the carpenter then it is dressed with character. The wood first is taken from the tree and cut into timber. The timber according to the imagination and drawings of the carpenter becomes various forms. They call him a carpenter. There are two kinds of carpenter – the first makes furniture and the other one prepares timber, maybe windows and doors. That one cannot do the work of the carpenter for furniture. And the other one does not interfere in the work of the one who prepares timber.


Miracles of the Prophet (saws). Part 2.

An extract from the Risale-i-Nur by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi.

Reinforcing Miracles Concerning Trees

Allah's Messenger (ASW) used to lean against a pole made from a palm tree when he delivered a sermon. But after the pulpit had been built, he began to deliver sermons from the pulpit. Once, while he was delivering a sermon from the pulpit, the whole audience heard the pole moaning like a camel. Only when the Messenger (ASW) came and consoled it by putting his hand on it, did the pole stop moaning. This miracle is widely known and its narration attains the degree of tawatur, for it was transmitted by an illustrious group of the Companions in fifteen different ways, and was narrated by hundreds of authorities of succeeding centuries.


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