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The medical benefits of fasting

Fasting is the oldest form of natural  Healing. It can be done for both general good health and for spiritual development. The act of refraining from food drink and sexual intercourse from sunrise to sunset purely for the sake of Allah strengthens morality and self control as well as deepening the awareness of Allah Almighty.

Fasting causes a detoxification of the body as the intake of food is reduced giving the body a chance to expel toxins and poisons caused by the incomplete digestion of food. The incomplete digestion of foods can lead to disease and organ damage especially in the case of the person who eats too much. When a person begins to fast it gives the body a chance (due to less food being processed) to repair damages done by long term dietary abuse.

When a person first starts fasting they will often develop fever or have a general feeling of not being well as the body rapidly produces a special kind of heat which “cooks” down excess matter ready to be eliminated by the body.

This healing crisis usually takes place after the third of fourth day and may produce symptoms such as pounding headaches, skin rashes, fever, nose bleeding, sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. depending on how much toxin is in the body. How long this will last depends on the person but fasting should not be abandoned as this is not an illness but a cleansing which will bring about a noticeable improvement in general health in the long term.


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