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Stories about Sufis

Abu Yazid al Bistami

The grandfather of Abu Yazid al Bistami was a Zoroastrian; his father was one of the leading citizens of Bestam. He showed remarkable characteristics even in the womb - his mother said that during her pregnancy if she put a doubtful morsel in her mouth, the baby would stir and not be stilled until she had put it out of her mouth.


Why has he not answered?

 Once, a group of people gathered around Ibrahim ibn Adham and said "Allah says in the Quran 'Call upon me and I will answer you.' Why has he not answered?"


Crossing the river

Saint Junaid al-Baghdadi (raa) once saw a man strolling by the edge of the River Euphrates. He asked him why he was strolling there.

'I am waiting for a boat to ferry me across to the other shore.' the man replied.

'Come,' said Junaid, 'let me take you across.' 


Bishr and the Drunkard

"Bishr ibn al-Harith once met a drunkard on the road, who began kissing him and shouting: "Ya sayyidi! Ya Aba al-Nasr!" and Bishr did not push him away from him.


The Story of Ali’s Shield

One day, Ali bin Abi Talib (r.a), the Fourth Caliph, lost his shield and found his missing shield with a Christian.  Ali immediately took him to Shureih, the judge.



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