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The need for inspired religion

We are not accepting any other religions and traditions, only those which belong to Heavens.  But after these three religions there are no acceptable religions.  But all of these are official. Religions originally must be unofficial.  Officials must be under the command of religions, not religions under officials’ command - that is not religion.  Officiality means the end of sincerity in a religion’s followers - official imams, official priests, official rabbis.  There is nothing giving taste - do you  think that plastic apples, plastic grapes, plastic oranges give you taste?  If you say use  an official religious man - it is like this. Official Christians - plastic oranges, official Muslims - plastic apples.  It is a problem that is waiting for a solution. This can’t be found through the hands of doctors, they are earning  doctorates from universities. They are entering as small ones and they are taking doctorship and going to be (gestures swollen heads). They are not thinking for themselves, only of themselves.

So now People are running this way and that, asking for  something, but I am saying ‘O, our Lord, send us only unofficial servants’. The others are servants, but from official servants we can’t take any benefit. No! Therefore officiality is killing sincerity. Allah Almighty is saying “I am accepting only sincere worship, not official worship. No!” And when people lose the  sincere ones in the divine service, they run after official people but official people can’t bring them contentment, and people  are not reaching any peace. The same words were being said one hundred years ago  and people then were crying because of the effect of those words on them.  Now people are escaping from the same words, and not coming to listen. Nineteenth century people  were accepting the speeches of church people or mosque people or synagogue people, but now people are running away. What happened?  Because those people were sincere people - sincerity was coming from hearts and going to hearts; words coming  only from the lips never get to peoples’ hearts.

Some Arabic.. You are so generous, O Our Lord. O Allah, from your endless generosity we hope that it is not over?? but it is our belief that when we are asking, if sincere people are asking, He is going to send sincere servants. But people now learn from their customs to keep plastic flowers and roses in their homes. Therefore gardeners are not taking care to plant roses or flowers because people are satisfied with plastic things. But they are only for vision, for looking, but when you are taking to smell - like thorns coming on  your nose! O people! O servants of the Lord of Heavens who has endless armies, yes,  of every kind. Glory to that  One, be humble and everyone glorify our Lord. He is the only One glorified but he is so generous, endless generosity, O your Lord, Almighty Allah. He is saying “My endless glory oceans, countless oceans of glory are for Me. What you are trying to give me from your glory - if you are gathering everything from earth and heaven, from every kind of creature, it is only a little we are putting in the endless oceans, only a little taste, one spot, beside my endless and countless glory oceans. Angels from millions and billions of years are glorifying their Lord. It is not even a little spot. And I created everything for you, ya Mohammed, (saws), and I created man for you. And I ordered the angels” (they were heavenly creatures, heaven’s residents), I ordered all the angels to give their glory to you. I created Adam for you, and I am giving to Adam from your divine lights that I granted to you. I am that One who granted to you, ya Mohammed, from My divine lights. Those lights which I never granted to anyone else, and I just granted that to you because you are the first and last one in My divine presence, to be mentioned as My servant and My prophet. You are My servant and My prophet. Everyone’s servanthood connects to  your servanthood. Everyone’s prophecy comes from you. You are great treasure. What I am granting to you I grant to you from eternity to eternity. Every creation takes My divine grant from you. You are My treasure. That One, Who just honoured you, O mankind. You must give your sincere obedience to your Lord through that most glorified One. And others, all creatures are giving their glories to the Lord through most glorified, most praised servant of the Lord of Heavens, grant to that most glorified servant from His glory oceans. That one spot makes everyone proud to be in that ocean.  The Glory oceans  are not lakes or inner seas (like the Mediterranean). And it is enough for  Universes to be drowned in those oceans.   That is real contentment, taking away every sadness from our hearts bringing a light and making it so brightened that darkness can’t enter into that heart.

Therefore  this century’s disease is that peoples’ hearts are falling in depression. Depression is a result of darkness through the hearts of people. Darkness, when lights are extinguished from hearts, there is going to be darkness through hearts of people. Hopelessness and fear rushes on that person making him depressed. Which thing can take away from your hearts darkness and sickness and dissatisfaction? Only glorifying:
Wa’lhamdulillah la illaha ilallah Allahu akbar.  wa la howalla quwata billahi’l-aliyal-azeem. Subhanallahi l’azim wa bihamdi karim.

Any kind of glorifying. That quickly brings lights through your hearts. If you are not feeling  though your whole heart you can’t recite. In  deserts, in jungles, in silent places, shout:
Wa’lhamdulillah la illaha ilallah Allahu akbar.  wa la howalla quwata billahi’l-aliyal-azeem. Subhanallahi l’azim wa bihamdi karim.

Say this and look - that sadness, that depression will quickly leave you and run away, asking ‘Help! save me from the acts of that man’. Yes, that is the cure for depression. Maybe Christian, maybe Muslim, maybe Jewish - everyone may glorify their Lord  with holy words and may quickly find a cure for himself or herself, and enjoy being alive.  Sadness will escape you. And nothing can disturb you, you are protected by the lights of glorifying. O People, don’t lose or waste your time with useless works that never give to  you any benefit. Try it.
And then it should give you honour and glory and peace and satisfaction and contentment, here and hereafter. If you like to say “I don’t care”  and curse to yourself,  your heart will suffer. Don’t think that anything else in this life will give you  pleasure or enjoyment, or give you happiness or satisfaction or take away your fears. Never!  If you are not looking after your heart,  then so many devils run in it and disturb you. Every one is speaking in another way. Every one shakes you; every one cheats you; every one puts a sword through your heart; and every one in different ways disturbs you. Those devils may escape only through the glorifying of our Lord, don’t forget.
Subhana-llah wa bihamdihi subhana-llah l’azim, astaghfirullah.

In Heaven the angels are never stopping, and if anyone may hear their innermost souls that glorifying may be there too. May Allah make you hear, and that when Mahdi comes, our ears will be clean. Now too much dirtiness is blocking our ears from the sounds of angels, glorifying angels, from Heavens. Try to clean up. From morning to late evening  the sounds of Shaitan, music of devils, is making things dirty.... We are saying modern music is making dirty, they can’t hear. Only after midnight  there may be a chance for some people to reach the night of power and hear the sweet music that, if you are hearing just one second, you will vomit when you hear that bad music. Therefore it is good advice to  everyone to do every morning a prayer before fajr fard prayer and after sunna prayer - to say

Subhana-llah wa bihamdihi subhana-llah l’azim, astaghfirullah.

Even when you are giving in sincerity this tasbih, this glorifying, you are not asking  to give it, you are asking to continue. Therefore it is an advice that Grandsheikh always keeping it between two rakats of sunnat of fajr  prayer and before praying fard of Fajr, to say one hundred times
Subhana-llah wa bihamdihi subhana-llah l’azim, astaghfirullah.

This gives you a support, and your soul is going to be very happy and light. Darkness leaves your heart, and everything around you will be pleased with you and ask to make peace with you. Keep the way of glorifying and you should be happy, here and hereafter. May Allah bless you , forgive you, and we are saying:
Alhamdulillaha, Alhamdulillaha, Wa shukrulillaha,
Alhamdulillaha, Alhamdulillaha, Wa shukrulillaha.

To open the doors of Paradise for him, he may say alhamdullilah. Whoever is asking to be closed for him the doors of hell, he may say Astaghfirullah. Alhamdullilah is opening the doors of Paradise, astaghfirullah is closing the doors of hell.

Sh. Nazim al Haqqani


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