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If we don't believe in God, how can we be good?


‘If we don't believe in God, how can we be good?’

‘I apologise for being late, but we believe that everything happens beyond our wills. You are Europeans and you take much more care to be punctual. You are Occidental and we are Oriental people, there must be a difference between us. When we say that we are coming 2 o'clock, you must know that we will come at 3. Or if we say that we are coming in the morning, it is normal for us to turn up in the afternoon.

We are happy and thankful to the Headmaster who has invited me to address young people. They will play the main part in the new century. They are carrying the responsibility into the new century. This is not only a change from one century to the next, but a change of millenniums. This is why it is so important and you have much more responsibility, more than our generation which started at the beginning of this century. You are carrying a much bigger burden and responsibility.   All nations are making big preparation for this new millennium. They are planning to destroy everything on earth. That which has been civilised and built for thousands of years by mankind. We had to witness in this century how all the monuments and precious buildings were destroyed by two great wars. I do not think that mankind really has the target of destroying their homes and their civilisation. But I am looking and seeing that there must be something in this world that is working against humanity. This is urging people to be enemies and to fight each other, to make wars and to destroy everything materially as well as spiritually here on earth. It is a terrible vision for the future of humanity living on earth. All nations are fearing the future of mankind on earth. If we continue in the same direction in the next millennium, there is no hope for humanity.    You must try to understand how you can protect yourself and your nation against this.

We have been created by the Lord of Heavens. Even if Darwin is telling us that we come from monkeys, it is not true. I have never met a monkey which gave birth to a human being, or a mouse giving birth to a cat... Every creature produces its own kind. This is why we believe that human beings all come from one man and one woman. This is what we have been informed through prophets and Holy Books and what we believe in. Everything else people try to tell us, are theories, imagination. So maybe we imagine this for a while. Then after some time we will have another idea and imagine something else. We will then decline our first theory and believe in the next. Our minds always produce new ideas.   This is why we believe in Holy Books beginning with the first man and in all the books: the New Testament, the Old Testament, Psalms, Thora and the Holy Quran. They all tell us that man came into existence through Heavenly Creation. We all come from the first couple of man and woman. The root is one, but we have many branches. The Creator created man to be in several kinds. He did not create all men in the same form. They are all different. Everyone represents a special situation.    You are unique in your creation. You cannot find two persons to be the same, even if they are twins. Their thinking and points of view will always be different. We are only guests on this planet for a while. It will not be forever. No-one comes here to be a permanent guest. We must go.

We must know that this earth belongs to all people and we must know and believe that everyone has rights on this planet. The Lord of Heavens put a rule that you must keep your rights as well as the rights of others. In this century they are telling us about human rights, but they are cheating people. They only mean powerful people. They have rights. Those who are weak and poor have not got any rights. That is a very wrong idea which is being put into the minds of youngsters. This is why young people try to be much more powerful school boys. They want to be strong and powerful so that the weak ones will be afraid of them. As long as people do not care and do not respect the rights of others, wars will never stop. There cannot be a bright future for humans like that.   You are learning everything, but I don't think that you have any lessons to teach you anything about these values. Governments want a secular system where they can keep God outside the school. Why? If we don't believe in God, how can we be good? If you don't believe that there is a power beyond us, you will be a terrible creature, wilder than a wolf. This is why we need to have something in our hearts, in our souls.

This is where we differ from any other creatures on earth, Heavens or oceans. There are so many kinds of creatures, but they are not like you. You belong to mankind, and you are number one. You have been honoured more than any other creature and you carry more responsibility than any other. We know that technology kills everything. It kills your mind. It kills your hearts. It kills your physical being. It destroys and harms. It harms everything connected to nature. The oceans are dying. For what? Because people are misusing a power which has been granted to them by the Lord of Heavens. We have been given a mind to think with and a will power to decide with.    This is why I am asking all of you to be careful with this grant which has only been given to you. You can of course decide to be like the cattle on the meadows, but you have to remember that you are the most honoured creatures on earth. You are not animals. The Lord of Heavens has granted you to be able to think, but we don't give ourselves the time to do so.    What are you doing with your will power during the 24 hours of the day? Are you really using your will? Do you think that when you are eating and drinking and dancing that you are using your will? These are natural desires which are directing you. This has nothing to do with will power. Will power is something far beyond that. It means that you are able to stop your physical desires. We were now fasting for one month. I am now fasting a voluntary fast because it gives you power and makes your personality to develop and to shine. If you train your will power you will get a shining personality.    There are also dark personalities. These are not the ones we are talking about. We mean the brilliant personalities that are like stars. They are like prophets. They are like suns, like moons, like stars because they prepared their personalities by using their will power. As long as you are trying to control yourself you will reach a good future.

Look around in London how many people are finished. They have lost control completely. They have never practised to use their will power, and when devils tempt them they cannot say no. Their lives are ending in a very ugly and disliked position. You are young and there are so many devils around you to chase you. Don't be victims of devils. This is London, a Western country with so many traps for young people, even the governments cannot help you. But you must try yourself  to use your will power.    I am a sufi master and in front of me everyone is the same. I am not a fanatic person to divide people into being Protestant, Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist... No! I am interested in mankind. I am now approaching 80 years and I am travelling far distances and the Lord of Heavens is making me to come and address you now. My heart is full with pity for mankind, because they are being taken the wrong way physically and spiritually. May Allah bless you.    Keep your faith strongly and try to practise your will power and try to be good-ones. You cannot be a good-one as long as you are friends with bad-ones. The most dangerous thing for you is to take bad friends. It harms you and destroys your future. This is the most valuable and precious time in your life. Be careful with it. If not you might suffer your whole life. If you are careful you might still find yourself healthy and wealthy and powerful when you are 80 years old. If not, you will finish quickly.

I am hopeful that there will be a change with the year 2000. I do not think that people will bring the rubbish of this century into the next. If a person changes his workshop, he will probably not bring his old furniture. He will want new things. The whole world is now landing in a new millennium. I cannot imagine that they will want to bring ideas which are destroying mankind into the next.   Reality must appear. This century is full of lies and cheats. It is the century of liars, wolves and foxes. The lions have been taken away, they have been shaved, had their teeth removed and look like monkeys. The wolves are spreading everywhere. They never smile, only when they want to eat you. There are countless wolves everywhere. This is why it is so difficult to save youngsters. But we are not hopeless that the Lord of Heavens will save them.

A talk given by Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani in a Bexley school on the 10.2.1997.

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