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"A building must stand on a strong foundation, and African people are the strongest believers. They are able to draw believers from the East to the West. That is why Allah allowed them to spread from Africa to all other continents. It is their task to establish Islam everywhere. They will be like pillars. Christians are very sensitive and do not want to give up their faith for something new. They are happy with their beliefs, but the people who have been sent from Africa to the whole world, have a much more open heart.

With approaching time, all the people will be mixed. They are losing their originalities more and more. Different races and different nations are being mixed and a new generation is growing up, which will be much stronger to carry the heavy burdens of this life in our days. Western countries are increasingly unable to carry their own technology. Even if there is a technology which helps people, it cannot move by itself. Allah has given African people one speciality: to be much stronger and not to be hurt easily. They are strong enough, and patient enough and industrious enough. Amongst African people you can find excellent specialities which others have not been given. If the people of Africa had not been brought to Europe or America, the natives there would be unable to carry the heavy burden of technology. So it was the Wisdom of Allah that allowed these people to be taken out of their homelands to other continents. This is part of a Heavenly Wisdom which only Allah knows the real purpose of. We can only see a drop of it. African people have a greater capacity of spirituality than others.  They can come to believe so easily. If they believe in something, it is very difficult to talk them out of it, their hearts are fixed. In my experience, African people can easily find the truth.  They can easily be satisfied, cheerful and not sad. You hardly see unhappy faces in Africa. Even if they have such hard conditions, they nevertheless do  not lose their inner happiness. They do not need to drink to be cheerful, they are pleased enough in their hearts. There are so many good characteristics which have been granted to them for Divine Purposes. As long as you are friendly with them, they will sacrifice everything for you. If you do your worst to them, they will forget and forgive quickly."

Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani, 'Star from Heaven', London 1996, Zero Productions


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Malik, son of Dinar, said: Jesus, peace be upon him, and his disciples with him passed by the carcass of a dog.  A disciple said "What a stench this dog makes!"  Then he, (blessings and peace be upon him) said "How white are its teeth!".