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It is narrated that the Holy Prophet (S.A.) admonished his uncle Hazrat Abbas R.A. to perform the Salat-u-Tasabih and said that the prayer was virtuous and that in performing it all his sin past, present, small, great, new and old would be forgiven. Insha’Allah.

(Time taken - Approximately 20 Minutes.)
NIYYAT: I make niyyat of performing four rakkats sunnat salat "Salat-u-Tasbih" for Allaha ta'ala, Allahu akbar.
Recite the following in each of the four rakats as described below:
Subhanallahi wal-hamdulillah wal la ilaha illa’llah wa Allahu akbar
[Glory to Allah and praise belongs to Allah and there is no God but Allah and Allah is greater (than all that we ascribe to Him)].
After "Subhanaka Allahumma bi-hamdika, wa tabaraka kasmuka wa ta'ala jadukka wa la ilaha ghairuka. Audhu billahi mina shaitan a'rajim" and before Fatihah x15.
After Fatihah and other surah x10.
In Rukuh x10.
After Rukuh while standing x10.
In first Sajdah x10.
After first sajdah while sitting x10.
In second sajdah x10.

This completes one rakat which includes 75 repetitions to give a total of 300 in 4 rakats.
Note: Every Muslim should perform this namaz once every day (Sheikh Nazim performs salatu-tasabih prior to doing the fajr prayer) or once every week or once every month or once every year or at least once in his life time.


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