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All power is only for the One

All power is only for the One, not for anyone else.  He has absolute power, supreme power, and His will is over our wills.  Our wills are  never over His will therefore we are weak. We can’t say something or do something or promise something without His will.


We may say something, but to complete it or bring it into existence as we are promising is not up to us.  If it is not His will, it is not going to happen. Therefore His will is over our wills.  His desires are over our desires.  No-one can claim to by-pass His will and reach to a target.  No.

Even now we are at the top of technology. Yes, we have reached the limits of technology in the 20th century and yet we are asking to climb further than this.  But this is the peak and we can jump no further. We are reaching the end of the 20th century, and according to our traditional knowledge it is the last point that mankind will reach, because one step more they are asking to catch the willpower of God Almighty and do as our Lord is doing and it is not for us. No. and through traditional knowledge that mankind may reach to that point.  A car can travel as many miles as we have petrol, but after that as much as we are pressing it is impossible to go further - it may be 200 or 150 miles - no more.  And scientists are asking for more, more, more, but it is impossible.

30 years ago it must be, I was  looking at the newspapers, and I was in Damascus.  In the newspapers it was written in big letters that the 1st rocket had just been sent up.  All peoples’ minds going to be upset - ‘What’s happening?’  Yes, therefore it was sent without anything in it just to see if they could do it - if it could be sent out of the atmosphere. For scientists to overcome the earth’s gravity was very important. That was a victory for science to go through the atmosphere, and not to be pulled back. It was driven, but from here, from earth control,  to make it orbit the earth.  Then  they tried this and that, made much more developed instruments and then put in dogs, or put in monkeys and then sent ... Armstrong was it?  (Uri Gagarin) Russians much more brave than Americans, (laughter from audience). They are not brave, they are not thinking of the man’s life, the Communist people, no it is so cheap. American people, they are taking much more care of life of man, therefore they did not take the first step, but left that attempt to come from the Russians, to put that first person into space.  Towards the moon.  But not landing on moon, No.  Only going around.  Then they reached further than this to reach the moon.  And after the moon, they were tired, because the greatness, the huge space, made their minds tired of reaching to the moon. And the moon is only like 1 step, 1 step towards space.  They tried it a few times and they were expecting to find something on the moon, but there were only ashes, useless things, and now no-one asks to go to the moon.  If governments were giving grants to send people to the moon I don’t think that someone would ask to go to the moon, to be there.  If governments were giving grants to go to the desert, they would not be happy to go out, to be there alone.  And through our system, solar system, there are so many  planets, Saturn, Jupiter, so many, and for scientists to reach even one of them is impossible. I heard that after 20 years or 30 years one rocket is reaching near to Saturn.  So many years, and they are now hopeless because they were thinking to reach the heavens and to take control. They wanted to find something unexpected, an unexpected power ocean to catch, to bring back to earth and do with as they like. But it is false now,  they are only sitting on earth and looking, sending satellites around this world, to make telephones. Everyone is saying ‘hello’, riding and speaking, walking and speaking, sleeping and speaking.  Except I am not carrying one, I do not like them.  That means scientists’ dreams are stopping.

And finally that means we reach the top point or the last point of science, and we must be thankful to the Lord of Heavens that we have been granted up to this point.  Never before our century has mankind reached to such authority.  No-one.  And he must be thankful.  But people, I don’t think that they are thankful.  Then it is a fact that man’s authority has been granted within limits.  According to our physical being that authority is limited, but yet men are asking to go beyond that authority.  ‘It is not enough‘ they are saying. By showing us unreachable targets, the Creator has shown us for certain that our physical structure and our minds have limits and our authority through our physical bodies and  our minds is limited. We can’t force it more than this because it has finished.  And we are asking for more.

The traditional knowledge of our Christian brothers and sisters says that Jesus Christ just went up, just reached beyond everyone’s authority. And we know as Muslims, the Seal of Prophets, Sayidina Mohammed, peace be upon Him, he reached there.  That means there are ways and there is some kind of authority that mankind can be granted to reach beyond the authority of our physical being. That is our spiritual power.  Spiritual authority. But 20th century people, and scientists particularly, are atheists, and do not believe in spirituality.  They only look at  things from the outside, and they do not have any insight into things.  Therefore they have stopped now, but there is a reality and beyond this there is something else. It is well known that everyone  has a soul - if there was no soul the body would not work.  There’s no battery in it.  This is a dead instrument. (looking at tape recorder) Not working.  Its life is in that battery until the battery finishes. Man has a material, physical body from earth, and its life comes from something, some power that  gives life to that  body.  Without it this body will fall down, useless, no life.

Perhaps a man has just drowned, and maybe a doctor looks and says, that’s finished.  Why,  it is a young body? What was it that made that body move at its peak, to see, to look, to hear, to move, to eat, everything?  And now they look, and nothing comes from this body. The inner organs and outer organs are OK, but which thing has left that one, something that you can catch hold of?  No.  It is something else.  And scientists must accept this.  They can’t say no.  If they are saying no, then put an electrical wire in that body to make it stand up. It is not electricity that is working in ourselves.  Batteries make things work, but you can’t be worked by batteries.  So beyond the authority of our physical beings there is another authority for man - his Lord. And our Lord  is asking his servants, O my servants,  I just granted you that power, that authority, to use not on  earth, but to come to Me and to find Me and to be with Me and to be honoured with My divine presence.  Are you using it?  Men are like sheep now, only looking where  there is grass, where business, where is work, only here  and not looking to their heavenly targets. No.  The targets of people - business, money, money, money, money.  Everything is money, money , money money.  (Laughter). No other target.  And therefore  darkness  is coming.

Proud people. To be proud is not a good characteristic for man. No. Humbleness is the best characteristic of people.  All prophets, all saints, their lives are perfect, none of them are proud people, No.  They are not Kings.  But we must have kings and emperors sometimes. Allah Almighty raises them up to keep people under control - this  must be.  King Solomon, you know him?  King Solomon, the son of David, both of them they were kings and at the same time they were prophets.  And King Solomon was sitting on a golden throne because  that ‘maqam’, that station shows his greatness to the people. When King Solomon, peace be upon him, was judging people and governing people, he sat on a golden throne, but in his daily living he was sleeping on a mat.  So humble, but in front of people, they must be convinced.  Not proud, but keeping a Kingly manner for people to respect. Allah Almighty sent to them that person to keep them on their Lord’s path.  If people are not under the control of their beliefs, then Satan establishes his kingdom.  Yes.   Ah Solomon, King Solomon he was king and humble in his personal life, but his official life showed as much greatness as possible.   His private, personal life was so humble, and yet he had whole treasures under his feet, gold and silver. He would only eat something if he had worked and sold his work - from that money he lived, not by taking from his treasures, No.  Therefore humbleness is the best characteristic of people.  If they are going to be proud with anything from this life they are not good ones.  Because to be proud is only for the Lord of Heavens not for us  - we are the slaves of the Lord.  But he is not saying that we are his slaves. He is granting us an honour and saying ‘You are my servants’.  He is King and you are servants. Kings have servants and they have slaves - servants are not like slaves, and slaves are not like servants.  Servants have honour because they are in the divine service. Divine servants have honour, for example to be in Her Majesty the Queen’s service, that is an honour.  But slaves haven’t honour, therefore our Lord is making us his servants because we are in his divine service.

And through every religion the Lord offers his servants  divine service as a way to his divine presence.  Therefore every prophet brings a new service for mankind. Jewish people have a different service, and Christians have a different service and Muslims also have a different service. It is important for everyone to know and to accept for his Lord a service.  You must do a service at least daily for your Lord, according to your beliefs.  We must say, that is my service, O my Lord.  I am your servant.

The people of the old days were very religious. In Famagusta there is a castle dating from the 11th century. It is an old castle. One king lived there in the time of the Lusignans and the Venetians - they were in Cyprus before Ottomans. In that area there were 360 churches, and the King’s daughter, the Princess, was praying every day in one of them - an abbey, a chapel, a church. Now you will find most of them are in ruins, but that princess particularly was praying every day, morning prayers and evening prayers; she was in her Lord’s service and Allah Almighty’s blessings were coming, because Allah Almighty looks to our hearts, to our intentions, to our respect for his divine presence.  Therefore everyone is now lost in so far as we are lost from His service, His divine service. Troubles grow up and there are endless problems for mankind, even within families. You cannot reach peace without your Lord’s service.

Thank you for your attention.  Now we give our service  and I am coming and we are happy once again to be with you, may Allah grant to everyone from his divine blessings to feel to ask not to be pushed on it from outside by force no, don’t do that by force. Give your respect to your Lord through your services to Him, with love.  Love is all your Lord is asking from you, nothing else. May Allah forgive you and bless you from his endless favours.
Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, shukrulillah, shukrulillah, shukrulillah, astaghfirullah,  astaghfirullah,  astaghfirullah. 
That is one kind of service for the Lord Almighty Allah. We  thank you.  We are singing and thanking.  And he is hearing.  Don’t think that he is deaf. 
People we were living with in Cyprus, rich people, had bells rung three times - before sunrise, at noon time and in the evening - three times, I can remember, I was small but I remember. And people went for morning prayers and noon prayers and evening prayers.  Now you do not find people praying even on Sunday.  It is a pity, a pity for people.

Talk by Sheikh Nazim, late 1990's


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