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New Muslim pages introduction

This section of the website caters for the needs of new Muslims, presenting information and major practices in a graduated manner, so that new Muslims can learn about the basics of their religion at a comfortable pace.

There can be an overwhelming amount of information to take in - but remember it took the Prophet (saws) 23 years to deliver his message - so find the right balance between forging ahead and taking your time.

Once the initial enthusiasm of committing themselves to a new faith has worn off, new Muslims may face a variety of difficulties, including negative family reaction; the response  and expectations of some born Muslims; trying to reconcile his or her own cultural inheritance with the demands of Islam and those of co-religionists. For this purpose we have set up a forum for discussing these issues.


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Naqshbandi Handbook

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Seek to make things easy for people, not hard.

Allah Almighty knows and understands His creatures, the Descendants of Adam, best.  He Almighty knows their capacities and debilities, their excellences and their shortcomings, and He only expects from them in accordance with what He knows about them.

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