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Home Articles Poetry I am a Sufi in the eyes of the people - Yunus Emre

I am a Sufi in the eyes of the people - Yunus Emre

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I am a Sufi in the eyes of the People.
I go around with prayer beads in hand.
My tongue speaks of knowledge
My heart does not accept.

I wear a diploma around my neck,
And yet my prayers aren't real.
Worries occupy my mind
And I can't keep my eyes on the way.

My speaking of knowledge is a kind of lie.
I can't be modest, pride never leaves my heart.

Although I look like a dervish,
I have no patience at all
And I am full of doubts.
Whatever goes in my ears
Never reaches the inside.

Those who see me kiss my hand,
They look at my jacket and hat.
They think I am free from sin.

Outwardly I lecture and lead prayers;
Inside, in my heart's bazaar
Are things even a sly man
Wouldn't dream of in a thousand years.

Yunus, put your need in front of Allah.
He is generous,
He does not do what you do.

Trans. Kabir Helminski & Rafik Algan - From the Drop that Became the Sea


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