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Salaat ul Mashishiyyah

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Salaat ul Mashishiyyah caligraphySalaat ul Mashishiyyah was composed about 900 years ago by Abdus-Salaam ibn Mashish, the "father of the Shadhilli tariqat" whose only murid, Sheikh Abu'lHasan as-Shadhilli founded the tariqat in Morocco.

The ar-Ruh al-Mohammedi, or 'Mohammedian Spirit', instilled by ibn Mashish is passed down the line in the wazifa of the Shadhillia tariqat. The Dala'il Khayrat, was inspired by this same spirit, and is a part of the Naqshbandi daily wazifa. It was composed by Sheikh Muhammad ibn Suleyman al-Jazuli, who was a murid of Sheikh Abu'l-Hasan As-Shadhilli, but the essence of these litanies and praises upon the Prophet s.a. stream down from salaat ul-Mashishiyyah.

Ibn Mashish is the premier sufi of the Maghreb, and his simple maqam on top of Jabal 'Alam (Flag Mountain) in the Rif mountains, is the first place to visit when making ziyara in Morocco.


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