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Obey your Lord and be happy

Audhu bi’llahi mina shaytan a raja’im, bismillah ar Rahman ar Rahim....
Happy? Anyone hungry, anyone  angry, angry on man’s side, angry on lady’s side? No one? Angry, hungry? Men may be angry, ladies may be hungry. We are low standard people, therefore we are trying to say something to stop you sleeping, to be happy that our Lord Almighty Allah created us - He is asking His servants to be happy. He never likes His servants to be sad, hopeless, suffering and miserable.

Yes, do you think so? Do you think any parent is going to be happy with their children’s sadness or unhappiness - how then is Allah Almighty going to be pleased that his servants are suffering and sad, or sorrowful? If parents, from their pity for their children, never like them to be touched by any harm or to be sad or suffering, how then could our Lord Almighty Allah be happy that his servants are suffering? Do you think this? You are accepting? I am not accepting! Muslims accepting? Christians accepting? Jewish people accepting? Arabs? That means that the characteristics of humanity are the same, even animals try to protect their kids, their young. Even animals never like their babies to be harmed. Don't touch them - Grrrrr, coming quickly, even hens attack to protect their small ones, chicks. Quickly running to protect them, yes. And it is pity from the endless mercy oceans of the Creator, the Lord of Heavens, Lord of Creation, Allah Almighty; from His endless mercy oceans giving a small spot for all creatures. They are only very sensitive to look after their children.  Allah Almighty - how is He going to be happy with a suffering mankind, with a suffering humanity, it is impossible. But what shall we do when our children are not obeying their parents, and they are riding on motor cycles, running at 150 miles an hour and making a crash and coming into hospital with broken legs and broken hands, broken head, broken chest. That is from parents or from children? Children are making themselves suffer, through driving cars so fast and making accidents.  Parents are asking them not to, but they are not obeying.  In so many ways disobedience bringing suffering to people. Therefore Allah Almighty, He never likes His creatures, His servants to be suffering. But we are running, and we are causing troubles on ourselves,  If we keep our Lord’s advice we can’t be touched by any harm, no! If your life is going to be a safe life, on a safe way, you can’t be touched with any suffering. Therefore the main cause is from ourselves.  Now 20th century people are suffering, and the Lord is not happy with us, but we are keeping on with it. And He is saying don’t come, don’t run, no good for you, don’t do it. And we are saying “We are going to do it, we are not listening to you, because we are enjoying ourselves”. In the beginning we enjoy ourselves, but finally we are complaining, or we are suffering. First you may enjoy it, when a person goes to a pub to enjoy himself in the evening time, but after midnight comes?  They are coming friendly to the pub and saying they are enjoying themselves in the beginning, then at the end finally making shaytan friends to fight each other, to quarrel, and then one of them has a knife or a stick and there is a broken head or broken nose or broken teeth coming out. In the beginning they were thinking they were enjoying themselves. Every night I am passing pubs when I am coming back during Ramadan, and there is wrestling and quarrelling and fighting in front of pubs. Yes, our egos say “You may enjoy”,  first enjoy then enjoyment may die, sometimes a person may die, and the springtime of his life is finished. One is going to the cemetery, a second going to gaol. You like it? It is good for mankind? Every religion warns their followers “Don’t follow Shaytan”. Shaytan is making his flag and calling through the streets “Follow me! Oh, youngsters, follow me!” and everyone is running after him, coming near and seeing his flag and running after him. Therefore as long as mankind listens to their egos and obeys their bad desires,  sufferings will never end, and they’re escaping or running away from religions. People are very unhappy with religions and most discipline comes through three religions, through Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, these three heavenly religions are the most firm or most disciplined.  The strongest discipline you can only find through Islam. Therefore as much as possible Shaytan is bombarding Islam, saying “Don’t accept Islam, If you are accepting Islam you should be in a very narrow lifeline. You can’t be free to do everything, doing everything bad and crying”. That is the only reason that the world is asking to reject Islam, because the Muslim religion has the strongest discipline, never giving any chance for devils - and devils, countless devils, are everywhere.  They are  unhappy with that discipline and they are always saying to youngsters “Don’t obey, you must not be obedient, No! You must not accept to be a servant, You must be king!” How many kings can there be? but even the smallest are saying, “I am king, I am the first one”, saying to their parents “You must listen to me!” Everyone asking to be obeyed. But no-one asking to obey, everyone asking to be obeyed. That is the only point Islam is rejecting. Islam never gives a chance for devils to live around or among communities, among nations. If devils are defeated, peace comes. If not, there is always quarrelling and fighting and wars.  Weapons are big business, because if you are buying new weapons this year, next year they are going to be old ones, and must be taken out and new ones must be bought.  Many scientists are working only to find a new weapon for killing people or for destroying civilisation.  They are saying this, the weapons are getting older and must be renewed. You must have much more. Ordering bombers. I am looking at some posters out everywhere now - President may bomb everyone, and showing bombers and their so called love of terrible weapons.  What benefit is there in that business, do you think that it is for the benefit of mankind? Devils are asking to destroy nations, to destroy civilisation and monuments that have stood for 1000 years, to take them away and to destroy anything that has the name of humanity.  Without a discipline you can’t stop devils. Devils without discipline can’t be defeated. Therefore first of all devils are against Islam, and they are against every faith, because every faith gives something to people - but their discipline  is weaker. Therefore whole nations are fearing Islam, even Muslims are fearing Islam. I am sorry to say that today there are 70 million Turks in Turkey who, at the beginning of century were raising the flag of Islam,  are now fearing to raise up that flag. They are so fearful of Islam. Why? What has Islam done against humanity? Christians, they are inventing many weapons and they are killing with one bomb millions of people. Islam has not invented this, no! We were to do that, but Allah Almighty has prevented it, because Allah Almighty has put mercy in Muslims’ hearts. It is a big sin to kill anyone without a reason. It is also no good in Christianity - Christians also may not kill anyone without a reason, but they have lost that. They tried to climb to a point, they are saying now “Star Wars”. They are making artificial stars over our earth, and they are thinking of make bombing centres and to make them rain bombs on people from  the skies. (Verse from Quran) Allah Almighty is saying there should come a day that people will fear from cursing that they’re making it by themselves to rain on them. That is a sign that people are going to make artificial centres over the world to send missiles from the skies down to earth. That is the technological civilisation that people reach today. They may have pride in that, they may be happy with their science, with their technology, they may be so happy. They reach a point that within one hour they may destroy everything on earth,  maybe even seven times the size of this world may be destroyed, and they are very proud. No faith accepts this. We are not created to kill or destroy, but we have been ordered to establish every goodness on earth and to give rights of life to everyone from mankind and to make them happy, that is the mission of all religions, particularly the last Prophet’s message and his mission. To make people to live safely, happily, peacefully. May Allah forgive his servants and send from his sincere servants to defeat the devils among people, so that our world should be a safe place for good ones not bad ones.
Allah Allah....
Islam even forbids shooting with guns when hunting animals. Islam is not happy with this.  There is a system of mercy for all creatures. You may catch them, you may slaughter them, but shooting them is too difficult for the animals, it is no good, it is not right. Alhamdullillah, if there is no need for hunting don’t hunt. If some wild animals must be defeated it is another point, but to make enjoyment by killing birds and  hunting other animals for pleasure,  it is no good. Yes, we have had a perfect kindness, and mercy and pity for every creature but we have lost the essence, therefore our hearts are becoming hard, like rocks.
I am very sorry to hear news that Europeans are accusing Muslims of fundamentalism, there is no fundamentalism in Islam, no, real Islam does not accept this.  But our people are also learning from Europeans fundamentalism, every ‘ism’ is coming from Europe. Never in Islam ‘ism’, fundamentalism, feminism, communism, socialism, capitalism ... and all ‘isms’ coming from new ways, may Allah forgive us, and send from his sincere servants ones able to guide common people.

Talk given by Sheikh Nazim, March 1996


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