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Justice and the consequences of a lack of real justice

Justice is a pillar - just like a tent without its pole can’t stand up, so the life of mankind never going to be in a normal way and peaceful life without justice. When we lose justice every good characteristic that we have been granted from Allah Almighty is going to be lost;  no-one can be able to keep that provided speciality or good characteristics. Therefore it is the most important thing that mankind must think about - to keep justice alive. If you  are killing justice then every goodness that mankind has been granted from their Lord Almighty Allah is going to be lost - finished, vanished.
This is an association, this is not a university lecture. We are simple people. When we are attending and coming  or visiting then Allah Almighty our Lord making me to address you. I am going to translate to you from my heart, from my tongue, to your hearts. Perhaps I am eldest one among you and I have lived long years. I live in my homeland, I live through many countries, I am visiting from the beginning of this century to the end, and I am seeing that day by day the life of mankind is becoming more difficult and peaceless. That is my vision. I don’t know  anyone who says “No, it is going day by day to get better and easier”. That means that mankind  is going to be in a more difficult situation, whole nations in crisis. Crises growing up and increasing. From small, growing up to be bigger, bigger, wider, wider, a lot more difficult, and people’s suffering is growing. Yes, people say “economical crisis”, but that is not true - the wealth or richness that people have now, no one had before our times. It is not economical crisis, no, it is something else. But always someone is showing wrong reasons, wrong direction, wrong ideas. For what purpose? They are trying to stop us looking. Our governors, our leaders, they are preventing nations from looking in right direction. When someone coming and sitting on a horse, they put blinkers on it - to stop it looking to this side or that and seeing something that makes it to be wild - so that it only looks in one direction. There are some secret devils’ groups and they’re making leaders of nations to be mistaken, cheating them and if they are asking to look on just what is the real reason of crisis saying don’t look on that side, look this side. Everywhere they’re saying economical crisis, money problem, but it is a big lie. Real reason is not to be a real justice in world for common people. Lack of  justice on earth is what is making real trouble for whole mankind. They lost  the real balance of justice and everything going to be upset. The real balance for justice can't be found through a mind production. No! That is the biggest mistake of mankind, that they are thinking they can create justice through loads of rules or something else. No! They are only making much more trouble. Real rules and the rules of justice may come only from Heavens. Only the Lord of Heavens may make real rules and rules of justice. No-one else!
Allah Almighty saying “Who may be more perfect than your Lord for giving justice to His servants”, but people are not understanding this. There is no comparison between Allah Almighty’s justice rules and their mind productions. Jews - they lost it; Christians - they lost it; Muslims also - they lost it. And Allah giving Muslims endless treasures and countless riches but they are coming to an end. In modern Western countries there is trouble because there is no justice. They are not using the rules of Heavens. The seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammed, peace be upon him, came, but Europeans are not accepting that he is a prophet that has been sent by the Lord of Heavens. They see so many prophets names in the Old Testament and the New Testament and they are saying they are prophets and that it is only their names that are written in their holy books: and about that one who came with a shining message (and in our days when nearly 2 billion people saying, “Muhammed Rasullullah (salallahu alayhi wa sallim)”), they say he is not a prophet. What is that foolishness? And they’re not accepting this and they’re insisting not to say, “Muhammed Rasullullah (salallahu alayhi wa sallim)”. He (Muhammed) is saying, “The main balance of justice is that you must give everyone their rights”.  They are saying “Human rights!” What is the meaning of human rights? They are writing much about it, yet no one reaching to their rights. Today, women are fighting, shouting, complaining for their rights. Nations, they are shouting and calling for their rights. We should allow everyone the rights that Allah Almighty gave to them. Everyone may have rights in this life to live freely, not to be frightened, not to be harmed and that those who are harming them should be taken away quickly.
Democracy is allowing every badness and evil to live freely and develop, giving a chance for every devil to live freely and to do everything as they like. And no one saying come when you are making a crime and catching you putting you in gaol, like English hotel - breakfast, lunch, dinner and teatimes also. This your idea of  justice:
To take a wolf that killed one man and put him in a cage and feed him for  one year. Then they are saying that he became a good wolf and letting him go free. Quickly running, and eating someone else. Then catching and giving him two years (perhaps one year not enough) and if he is sitting and looking very sad, very sensitive perhaps they let him have female one. And after two years saying they are good wolves and freeing them to eat someone else. This is justice?
 The main source of troubles is that they are not looking at holy books to see what they are ordering for troubles, for the enemies of mankind. Devils, must be taken from community to leave the community in peace and as long as people going to be cheated by devils no more peace can be on earth, and people must come to real justice. They must ask (for divine help). Judaism no more power in our age, because every kind of minds production they tried - all of them, all ideas, all -’isms’. They tried every way from ‘isms’: Capitalism, socialism nationalism, (We have also journalism). They failed. Therefore they’re asking now and saying Messiah coming. And Christians that they are following those ‘-isms’  they are fed up also, they are asking “When Jesus coming?” But among Christians nearly every one saying we are foremost, we can arrange everything, and they are doing nothing. And it is important to be known by every believer, by every man, that he doesn't need to leave mankind family to ask for real justice and real justice can’t be from parliaments, from their rules, no! Nor from parties doing their own justice program, Labour or Conservatives, no! All of them must get real justice balance from heavens. If they keep it,  they may save themselves.
Upto today they have tried everything. This century is about to finish and another century is coming and I don’t think that the 21st century may carry this kind of people in itself, must put them out. and we hope that only selected ones through their minds, clean ones, through their hearts, clean ones, through their works, clean ones, through their characteristics, clean ones, true ones, trustworthy ones may be reaching 21st century.  Therefore you must ask true ones, you must ask trustworthy ones, you must ask clean ones through their minds, through their hearts and through their thoughts, through their ideas. It is impossible for anyone to reach the 21st century and according to the traditional knowledge it is the last century. Going to be the last century for mankind living on this planet, and the day of resurrection according to traditional knowledge is going to be in the 21st century. We know that it is not going to reach to be 22nd century. May Allah grant us a good understanding because we are in need of that too much, and his blessing for his servants, his big servants. Mostly people have been cheated and have been told (by the politicians etc.), ‘We have saved you from the hands of kings  and Emperors and we gave to you, to every one to look after their politics. You may govern yourself’,  but they are lying - there is no power in our hands. In the 19th century one person was in power, now 1000 persons they are going to be partners for power, and people they had once upon a time one shepherd,  now one thousand shepherds. Common people in same condition never changing, only top peoples’ conditions change. Germany, France, Italy they are the same. Lies and nothing coming and suffering increasing until they are going and Almighty sending someone from his sincere servants to respect people and to establish heavenly justice. The liars they are saying justice, but they are doing the opposite, they’re cruel ones, oppressors also, and according to traditional knowledge this is the time of tyrants. Tyrants are more than dictators, worse than dictators. All those systems governing whole nations East and West, they’re oppressors. No any justice with them. May Allah take them away, taking and not replacing them,  sending one from his good servants to carry people from darkness to lights, from ignorance to real knowledge, from disobedience to obedience, from slavery to servanthood of Allah Almighty, to take them from suffering to a peaceful life.

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