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Prevention of Illnesses

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On the subject of food, Sheikh Nazim has good advice to offer, to keep ourselves healthy and prevent illness:
‘The main reason for illnesses is a full stomach, and nowadays, peoples’ stomach is always full, and still they are asking to eat or drink like oxen or cows never stopping.
That is animal’s characteristic only to be worried about the physical being, always to be occupied by eating, drinking and smoking, never giving rest to the stomach.  Fasting gives health.
Be patient first and then eat little, and small bites give like big bites.
Don’t waste food.  90% of the food is thrown away.
Take care for the food you eat.  50% of illnesses come through the hormones in the food.  Therefore alternative food shops are good and because they are more expensive, people don’t waste so much.  And it is important to prepare food with good intention.
Use right hand like the prophets did.  Eating with the left hand gives trouble to the body.  Shaitan eats with his left.
Cleanliness prevents illnesses.  Use water for every occasion; wash hand, mouth and face before and after meals.  Use water in toilet.  Water is the reason for life; as much as using, health comes to you.  Salt before and after meals prevents illnesses too.  Don’t sleep on your stomach, but on the back or on right or left side.’

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