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About Knowledge and Wisdom

Ask everything from the one able to give to you.  Ask what you want from your Lord; He gives freely, and we are His servants.

It is most important to know about Allah and to believe in Him.  As much as you know Him your heart will be in contentment, no doubts come to you that He will grant to you here or hereafter.

He never refuses servants’ requests, but sometimes they ask something through their ego, and it may not be suitable for them to be granted here.  Then Allah grants it for the next life.  Servants may ask anything, but if not suitable according to divine wisdom they are granted the Day of Resurrection.

Try to reach more knowledge and wisdom about the Lord, it helps you to reach your heavenly station.  Knowledge alone is not sufficient, it is to arrange the life on this earth.

To reach to heavens you need wisdom, and you must run after it.  All prophets and saints have been granted wisdom, and they use it to come closer to Divine Presence.  If you ask you should be given.

European people are very happy by reading old wisdom, but what is the benefit?  If you are not granted personally, it is only like a photocopy of a one million dollar cheque - you can’t use it.  But you must try to reach a position where Allah is pleased with you, then He grants to you wisdom.

If He is not pleased, never gives to you.  And there are endless wisdom oceans; He may grant without limits, as much as you can take.

So many people read and read - but it is not enough.  You must know how prophets and saints reached:  They made the Lord pleased with them, How? If you know it should open wisdom oceans to you, like a rocket you should reach to space.  You need training and treatment.

Training against the ego makes the Lord pleased with you.  Egos ask to be king, to lead you as it likes, not as the Lord likes.  When you make your ego displeased, the Lord is pleased.

We are so heavy by our bodily desires, that we cannot be carried from earth to heavens.  Grandsheikh said: “The ego, nafs, has 80,000 ties to tie you to itself and to earth.  If not cutting them one by one you can’t be free to get up.”

It is most important to be trained by a master, who may direct you to take away the hegemony of your nafs.  You can’t do it by yourself.  It is impossible by reading even 1000 books.

And also if you don’t find a real master, you can’t cut the ties.  And so many master-copies; people run after them, never reaching to anywhere, because they are not real masters.  Imitated ones can’t do anything.

In old times people used donkeys to take water from wells.  They ties it and covered its eyes and made it to walk from morning up to evening.  If it had been able to see that it was always going around it would never have walked.

So many imitated masters also make people to turn around, never to get up.  And treasures are far up.

Therefore the most important point is to look after a real guide.

Every real master of our Naqshbandi-Tariqat takes you to heavens.

Ahmad as-Sughuri came to his mureed Muhammad al Madani when he was in seclusion.  He told him to follow.  The Sheikh went in front and after a while he went up like jets take off.

His mureed followed and they walked in the air like on a street.  They reached a station and Abu Ahmad put two sticks and his prayer carpet over them. He told his mureed to come and pray two rakaats.

But that one was afraid, never thinking about how he was standing in the air and walking.  It was the station where the Prophet prayed two rakaats, and where every mureed comes to when his relationship to the earth is cut.

When Sheikh Abu Ahmad saw that his mureed was afraid, he himself jumped on the carpet to show him that it was firm.  Then he sent the mureed back to seclusion; “You go back.  You are not ready yet.”

If not keeping the methods of Grandsheikhs we can’t reach heavenly stations and Divine Presence.

Wisdoms give you the power to reach.  When Allah is pleased with you, He opens.  And as long as your ego catches you, keeping you on earth, you can’t make Him pleased.  Cut every relationship to the ego and physical life’s enjoyment, then you will have enough power to be carried to the Lord’s Presence.

Extract from ‘From Dunya to Maula’


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