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The Muslim Marriage Guide. Quilliam Press.

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This small volume summarises the Islamic view of marriage and what is necessary to make a success of one’s marriage. It attempts to do this by reference to Quran and Sunnah. Starting from the statement of the Prophet (saws) that marriage is one half of religion the author emphasises the adab between husband and wife in all areas of marriage, in their mutual attitudes to each other on the one hand, to sexual relations on the other (if these can be separated).

The book is primarily aimed at the newly wed or the about-to-be-wed, however converts could read and be reassured that contrary to many Western (and sometimes Eastern) misconceptions, marriage in Islam should be based on common decency,  fair play between the partners and mutual rights, and that the making of the marriage partnership and bringing up of children is a co-operative venture, involving love and affection.
There are chapters on the Prophet (saws) and his wives, marriage as a foretaste of paradise, the good husband, the differences in temperament and role of the two sexes,  sexual relations and problems and so on.
A generally useful introduction to the subject giving good advice, intended to be short and pithy enough to be read by its target audience.



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