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The Master Carpenter

A recent sohbet of Sheikh Nazim likened the work of the Sheikh to that of a Master carpenter…

“Sheikh Abdullah Al Daghestani, our Sheikh, our Master, He is the last link of the Golden Chain of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order. He is the seal of the chain. Who does not get his seal can never be a Sheikh and cannot be even a mureed, and will not understand anything to speak. Becoming logs of wood. If the wood does not go through the hands of the carpenter it remains a log. The only benefit is in the fireplace. But if it goes through the hands of the carpenter then it is dressed with character. The wood first is taken from the tree and cut into timber. The timber according to the imagination and drawings of the carpenter becomes various forms. They call him a carpenter. There are two kinds of carpenter – the first makes furniture and the other one prepares timber, maybe windows and doors. That one cannot do the work of the carpenter for furniture. And the other one does not interfere in the work of the one who prepares timber.

It is like this. A person needs carving, otherwise he is like wild wood, if it sits 100 years it remains timber. But once it reaches the hands of the Master carpenter that timber is transformed into many kinds of furniture. How many household furniture and even outdoors garden furniture the carpenter can turn the wood into. But first it goes in the hands of the Master carpenter. Otherwise it sits 40 years as it is. Advice shapes the timber and the wood of our ego and the carpenter would hold it and look to see if it is straight or not, in the old times. Then later, if it is not straight he takes the file and smoothes it till it is straight and smooth. It needs a Master carpenter, the furniture. From timber you can make so many things and the timber comes from the trees. You can take the timber from the tree and that timber in the hands of the Master carpenter becomes something, and gives some use to mankind at the same time; they like it and ornament it and take pride in it. And that hand craft continues and develops. The sheikh becomes a Master of this handcraft and continues to carve and to file the mureeds and he looks, the Master, he looks like this, like that, until he is straight and soft. That is why Allah Almighty said “Fastaqim Kama Umirta” (11:112) – “Be straight as you’ve been ordered”. Prophet (saws) said “Surat Hud turned me grey”. Why? The majesty and glory of that Holy Verse turned the blessed beard of the Prophet (saws) into grey. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! O our Lord You know best.

Ask the furniture in the Palace of the Sultan how much treatment and arrangement it went through before it reached the Palace of the Sultan. How much treatment it went through, to be fit for the honour of being furniture for the King. Therefore mankind is continuously in need of training. “Wa Dhakkir Fa’inna dh-Dhikra Tanfa’u l-Mu’minina” (51:55) “And remind, for verily the reminding profits the believers.”. Remind, because remembrance may give benefit to the believers. File or sharpen, carve it, remind. Every remembrance is similar to shaping, to soften and straighten the wood.”

March 2013


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