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Home Talks Knowledge and wisdom Allah Almighty rewards people according to their intentions.

Allah Almighty rewards people according to their intentions.

Allah Almighty rewards people according to their intentions.  If a person is sincere and has good intentions he will be rewarded by his Lord, no matter what his religion may be.  Don’t hold your Lord’s mercy to be any less than this.

I once heard a tale about a Zoroastrian living in Baghdad in the time of the Abbasid Khaliphs.  After his death a Grandsheikh saw him in a dream amidst the joys of paradise.  That Sheikh was surprised and said to him: “How is it that you are in paradise when you spent your life worshipping fire?”  He replied: “Oh my Lord’s servant, there is only one reason for my being here in paradise.  It is on account of one very simple action that I never took any notice of - after it happened I forgot about it completely, and certainly I never expected to be rewarded eternally for it, but so has it come to pass.”  When Allah Almighty wants to find a way to redeem His creatures, surely He will find a way.  He continued: “One day during the fasting month of Ramadan, my young son was sitting  in front of the house eating a piece of bread.  I pulled his ear and scolded him saying, ‘May no one else ever pull your ear like this, here or hereafter!  This is a holy month for the Muslims, they are fasting, so how can you show such blatant disrespect for their customs?’  Allah was pleased with me for my respect of His holy month, and my respect for the feelings of my neighbours, and so here I am.”
That man was a Zoroastrian and cannot be expected to have fasted in Ramadan: that is not his responsibility, he was not Muslim.  Secondly, the son was only a small boy, and small children are not required to fast in any case.  But even though he may not have participated in the fast, he respected it and taught his young son to do the same.
So many misconceptions about Islam have flourished in our time.  There are two basic reasons for this.  One is that the Muslims of our time are such bad examples of their religion - they are as remote from the truth of Islam as the earth is from the distant stars.  The second is that Western people don’t bother to take a look at the origins and development of the religion that is so much in the news these days.  No one tries to refer to authentic historical sources but blindly accepts the opinions that sensationalist egotistical people in the news media present to them, opinions based on shallow biased observations of current events charged with hysterical emotion.  This situation is much to the detriment of educated Western people who maintain great pretences of objectivity.

Extracts from ‘Mercy Oceans’ Lovestream’


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The Prophet of Allah (saws) said, “People are either possessors of knowledge or seekers of knowledge, and only those two groups are of any use to humanity.”

Sunan al-Daremi  (Vol. I, p.89)