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Our Bayt ul-Mal Fund

Our Bayt ul-Mal Fund

Purpose and administration of the fund:

To distribute money to those Muslims in the UK & Eire, principally from the British and Irish convert community, who are in need.

  • Where state benefits do not provide sufficient for a person’s basic needs, or where there are needs not covered (e.g. relief for a full time carer so that they can have a holiday).
  • Where  an emergency occurs and the person does not have a lump sum of money to cover this (e.g. funeral expenses for a family member).
  • Where a person wishes to train or seek education for the sake of Allah (e.g. traditional crafts, welfare work in the community, etc.) and does not have the means to do so.
  • Immediate one-off payments can be made from the fund, by any signatory, up to £150.  Payments to be made by cheque or direct transfer where possible.
  • For larger amounts all signatories to confer by phone or email to agree on the level of payment to be made.
  • Loans can be made from the fund for domestic emergencies, with the expectation that the recipient pays the money back as and when they can (and with no ultimate expectation that this will happen).

Records of all transactions will be kept, and quarterly summaries verified by a third party.

Although the Bayt ul-mal is to serve the UK & Eire convert community, should any other need arise and funds be available, then token donations could be made from this fund.

A list of contacts will be kept up to date as far as possible, and additions to the list can be submitted by existing contacts.

Although the purpose of the Bayt ul-mal is not to accumulate large sums, it is hoped to retain a buffer of around £1,000 for such contingencies as a sudden death.

16 April 2012


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Bayt ul-Mal

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