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Learn discipline or follow the way of devils

...So many millions of people are all living on the face of one and the same World, and each one has in himself the need to be unique, to feel himself singular.  And so disputes (as in the tale of Adam) will always break out, as we are his heirs and the heirs of his attributes.  He couldn’t get along with even one other man on Earth, so what about billions?

By giving the descendants of Adam this attribute Allah Almighty has exposed us to a great trial indeed.  Because of men’s attributes and also the inherent sufferings built into a temporary existence, the world can be termed a “House of Affliction”, a cursed place, with suffering overcoming us from every side.  And the inhabitants of the heavens (i.e. Angels) wonder at our ability to do any good at all with such a nature and in such a world; they have marvelled at our patience under such conditions.  By being patient with the circumstances of our inner being and the circumstances that surround us, we have an opportunity of gaining high stations in the Divine Presence, and endless favours from our Lord.
Because of this God-given nature, it is impossible for anyone to do away with disagreements between people in this world.  The duty of the Prophets has been to awaken people to the life of the hereafter, to remind them that this world is only a testing ground, and to train them to live in it in such a way that will bring them eternal felicity.  The Prophets give people the weapons needed to fight their own bad characteristics and the evils of this world so that they may attain their eternal goals.  They advised people: “O People, don’t fight over this world!  It is a temporary life and of no real lasting value - it doesn’t matter whether you accumulate wealth in it or not, for you will leave it with empty hands, and all that will benefit you from it is your self-control while in it and obedience to your Lord’s orders.  So be patient and turn your gaze to eternity.”
But so many people turn deaf ears to the advice of the Prophets and refuse to train their egos, which in the manner that is natural for them since they are the essence of selfishness, carry those people into conflict and wildness.
It is within the possibility of individuals to choose either of these two ways: to undergo the training of the Prophets and to learn to discipline themselves so that they may live in peace, or to follow the way of devils and try to gain selfish pleasure at all costs.  Anytime that trained people may be in power and establish their kingdom, there will be relative peace on Earth.  But at any time that devils establish their kingdom, fighting and struggle continues and grows.  There is no third force: at all times one may encounter sympathetic people trained in the ways of the Prophets and also merciless “wildlife people” following the teachings of Satan.
Without a doubt the time we are living in is the age of the sovereignty of devils: from East to West, from North to South, and at the present time, until Divine intervention reaches to us, we can do nothing about it.  It is a time in which people of good will find themselves caught up unwillingly in the conflicts ordered by devils, and as those devils are the sovereigns of our time, Evil Oceans have covered the Earth, leaving mankind struggling  in them trying to keep itself from drowning...

Extract from ’Mercy Oceans’ Divine Sources’


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