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Home Practices Quranic recitations Surat 105 - Al-Fīl (The Elephant)

Surat 105 - Al-Fīl (The Elephant)

Bismi Al-lahi al-r-Rahmani-al-r- Rahimi

''Alam tara kayfa fa'ala Rabbuka bi-"as-habi al-fili
''Alam yaj'al kaydahum fi tadlilin
Wa-''arsala 'alayhim tayran ababila
Tarmihim bihijaratinm min sijjilin
Faja'alahum ka'asfinm ma" kulin


In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful.

Hast thou not seen how thy Lord dealt with the owners of the Elephant?
Did He not bring their stratagem to naught,
And send against them swarms of flying creatures,
Which pelted them with stones of baked clay,
And made them like green crops devoured (by cattle)?


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