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Home Practices Quranic recitations Surat 104 - Al-Humazah (The Traducer)

Surat 104 - Al-Humazah (The Traducer)

Bismi Al-lahi al-r-Rahmani-al-r- Rahimi

Waylunl likulli humazatinl lumazatinh
Alladhi jama'a malanw wa-’addadahu
Yahsabu ''anna malahu akhladahu
Kalla (صلي) layunbadhanna fi alhutamati h
Wa-maa ''adraka ma al-hutamatuh
Naru Allahi al-muqadatuh
Allati tattali'u 'ala al-''af-"idatih
''lnnaha 'alayhim mu"sadatunh
Fi 'amadinm mumaddadatinh


In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful.

Woe unto every slandering traducer,
Who hath gathered wealth (of this world) and arranged it.
He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal.
Nay, but verily he will be flung to the Consuming One.
Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Consuming One is!
(It is) the fire of Allah, kindled,
Which leapeth up over the hearts (of men).
Lo! it is closed in on them
In outstretched columns.


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