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The Chronicles of Lamis: Aliyyah, The Quest

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The Chronicles of LamisBy A A Scott
Pages: 236
ISBN: 9781848970724

The Chronicles of Lamis is a three book epic in the style of Tolkien.

In a strange and magical world, a young girl sets off on a quest to recover four lost treasures needed to defeat the darkness that is slowly covering not just their lands, but the whole world. After answering the riddles of the dragons in the dragon chamber and earning both their friendship and rewards she continues on with her constant companion, Najputih.

Through one hardship after another, she finds and recovers each of the four lost treasures and, in the process, learns many secrets and is both burdened and entrusted with powerful hidden gifts. After nearly losing her life, she rescues Wildwind, the young dragon, who saved her, only to have to part with him to prevent his destruction.

Forced to kill Serena the sea witch, Aliyyah visits the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis where she meets the oldest of the elders, the wise turtle, who both tests her and reveals a great truth to her. Finally, after many strange and dangerous adventures, she recovers the final treasure, guarded by the mysterious and mythical Sand Wizard.

Within the pages of these books are many creatures not yet known to any readers of fantasy, complete with their histories and customs. A story of friendship and betrayal, compassion, love and sacrifice and the eventual triumph of good over evil. A book where every page contains a twist to the story the reader will find great difficulty in putting this book down.

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