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A Naqshbandi Book of Devotions

A Naqshbandi Book of DevotionsA Naqshbandi Book of Devotions is a booklet of 28 pages that was first published in March 1989. The book contains transliterations of the five daily prayers in a simple step-by-step format. The dedication in the front of the book reads:

This booklet has been published in honour of His Holiness Sheikh Nazim Adil al-Qubrusi by members of the family of Marhoom I.A. Cader.

To brother Abdul Hayy L. Holdijk of the American University in Cairo, sincere acknowledgement of his service to transliterate all material in this booklet is expressed with a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude.

A set of audio recordings, (originally on casette tape) accompanied the booklet, and both are re-published in this section.



You can download copies of all the audio voice recordings in MP3 format as well as a PDF versions of the booklet in the Downloads section.

The online version of A Naqshbandi Book of Devotions is reproduced here with only very minor amendments from the original booklet.


Introduction to the booklet - by Maulana Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani

Maulana Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi al-HaqqaniThese pages, which have been passed down to us from our Master, Sultan of the Saints, Abdalla ad-Daghistani an-Naqshbandi, I have received directly from him. He who wishes to attain to nearness and closeness unto the Master, Allah Almighty, let him persist in these exercises.

He is Almighty Lord and I, a humble slave. I ask You, O Best of Guides, to guide us to that which pleases You in whatever we endeavour. In the end, our supplications always remain these:

Glorified art Thou! We have not worshipped Thee as Thou deservest to be worshipped, O Worshipped One!

Glorified art Thou, whom we have failed to remember in just due, O Remembered One!

Glorified art Thou, whom we have failed to thank in just measure, O Lauded (Thanked) One!

Glorified art Thou! We cannot approach to praising Thee as Thou hast praised Thyself!

Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani, March 1989

Transliterator's Note

The following Suras have not been transliterated from the Arabic. These are the Suras from the Qur'an which are read after each of the five prayers:

  • Surat Yasin
  • Suratu I-Mulk
  • Suratu n-Naba'a and Suratu l-Fajr (verses 23-30)
  • Suratu s-Sajda

In addition, there is no transliteration of the following from the Arabic text. These include:

  • Small wadhifa (rule)
  • Great wadhifa
  • Salatu t-Tasbih
  • Salatu t-Tahajjud
  • Dhikr of the people of Determination
  • Dhikr of the Second Group
  • Khatm al Khawajagan

Note that all of these materials can be found in other publications. We intend to provide this information on the website over the coming months.


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