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Practices during Safar

The Month of Safar is one of the Sunnah months. The Prophet s.a.w. named it Safar al-Khair. It is also the month when Allah brings down His Wrath and Punishment on this world. Many of the past communities that disbelieved in Allah and His Messengers perished in this month. I remember Shaykh 'Adnan refraining travel on this month; he advised us not to leave our homes unless necessary. It is prescribed to keep to the following practices for protection in every day of this month.

From Al-Futuhat al-Haqqaniyyah by Shaykh 'Adnan Kabbani:

  1. Shahadatain (3 times).
  2. Astaghfirullah (300 times).
  3. Give Sadaqah daily for the sake of Allah Almighty with the intention to lift away afflictions and misfortunes. It is a good practice, as done by Grandshaykh 'Abdullah q.s., to make Qurban on the 27th day of Safar for the sake of Allah Almighty.
  4. Every day recite Surah Al-Fil (7 times) and Ayat al-Kursi (7 times).

On the final Wednesday of Safar, keep to the following adab:

  1. Shahadatain (3 times).
  2. Astaghfirullah (300 times).
  3. Ayat al-Kursi (7 times).
  4. Surah Al-Fil (7 times), reading them all upon oneself and for one's family.

It is desirable to refrain from going out of one's house on that day. If one should go out, keep to the adab and make haste to return home when one's needs have been met. Grandshaykh q.s. said: "On the final Wednesday of the month of Safar, 70,000 afflictions (bala') befall the world. The one who keeps to this adab that we mentioned, he will be protected by Allah Almighty."


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