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Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Bukhari passes away

Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Bukhari of Jerusalem passed away last Monday the 31st of May at 6 p.m. local time. A Naqshbandi murid of Sheikh Nazim’s, and representing the tariqat in Jerusalem, he worked tirelessly for dialogue and peace between Arabs and Jews living in the Holy Land, and worked with many groups to try to instil peace, tolerance, respect and understanding between the various groups and factions in the Holy Land.

 A descendant of one of the last grand Mufti’s of Jerusalem under the Ottoman’s and a Sayyid, he was a regular visitor to Glastonbury to visit his co-workers with the Jerusalem Peace Makers Project, as a man of peace, he came under much scrutiny and verbal attack and suspicion, amazingly from many Muslim quarters, but carried on his mission regardless. His fellow co-founders here in Glastonbury are praying for him, and are determined to continue with his good work, and ask people of any faith and background to remember him in their prayers and thoughts.

May he rest in peace, and receive the divine mercy and blessing of peace he strode so hard in this life to impart to others. Ameen! Pray for him inshaa’Allah! Fatihah!

The Jerusalem Post pulished Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Bukhari's obituary. It gives some idea of his remarkable life and efforts he made in spreading understanding, tolerance and peace in the Holy Lands.

You can here his words on Youtube on the following links:

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Respect is like a mirror

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