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The Sunnah and Blessings in Healing effects of Cats

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The Sunnah and Blessings in Healing effects of Cats
The story of the cat
Abu Hurayrah -The father of kittens
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There is a tradition or story which says that the shaytan appeared in the shape of a Wild boar and went into the Ark which is called Safina in arabic, the wild boar had  caused havoc in the Ark for many nights and each time sayyiduna Nuh went to repair the ark while repairing his Ark he cut this thumb from his blessed blood drops, Allah created a Lion, so the next day the Lion came to served sayyid Nuh protecting his ark, later that night when Shaytan came in the form of a wild boar  he tried to attach the Ark to cause more havoc, but the Lion was on guarding  stop him that night so instead, the wild boar sneezed and suddenly a rat was born from the snout of the wild boar, the rat jumped on the ground and started to gnawing the ship’s boards, but the lion sneezed too and from his sneeze a cat was born which went for the rat without hesitation. (taken from ‘Islamic legends: histories of the heroes, saints and prophets of Islam’ By Jan Knappert)

Bismillah Babuna
- In the Name of Allah, is our Door
Ya Rasulillahi unzur haalanaa Ya Habiballahi 'isma' qaalanaa
O Mesenger of Allah (saw), cast a glance of compassion at our pitable state O Beloved of Allah (saw) listen to our supplication
Bi-hurmati nasrum-mi-nallahi wa fathun qarib wa bash-shi-ril mu'-mineen
For the sake of Help is from Allah and Victory is near. Give good news to the believers


I had started this article at the time when Sidi Masud Khan was posting about this chickens ‘The Chickens have landed’ (mid Feb 2010) on and then I stopped, today (19th march 2010) while roaming on i've noticed some threads one is about Bees 'Adopt a hive, beekeepers urge' (There is a Surah An-nah-The Bee and many Hadith about the blessed Honey that bees produced) also posted which I noticed from a convert sisters site, with a section dedicated to her beloved cat 'the-squeakster', it was seeing that, which motivated me more to really finish of this article about cats today. Why have I mentioned these animals, well the Quran is full of stories about animals and chapters named after some too:

  • Al-baqarah (2) The Cow
  • Al-An'am (6) The grazing livestock: (i.e. Camels, cattle, sheep and goats)
  • An-Nahl (16) The Bee
  • An-Naml (27) The Ants
  • Al-'Ankaboot (29) The Spider
  • Al-'Aadiayaat(100) The racers* (it means the horses)
  • Al-Feel (105) The Elephant

As for the Stories of animals in the Quran

  • The crow that Allah sent to Adam’s son in order to show him how to hide the dead body of his brother.
  • The birds that Ibrahim (Abraham) had killed and divided upon the mountaintops and then Allah gave them life again.
  • The cow of Banu Israel that Musa (Moses) ordered to be slaughtered in order to disclose the identity of a mysterious murderer.
  • The wolf that was falsely accused of eating Yusuf (Joseph).
  • The hoopoe of Sulayman (Solomon) that informed him about the Queen of Sheba.
  • The termite that ate the staff of Sulayman on which he was leaning while he was sitting dead on his chair. After the termite had eaten through the wood, the Prophet fell down and his death became known.
  • ‘Uzayr’s donkey whom Allah put to death for a hundred years and then gave it life once again, right in front of his owner’s eyes.
  • The whale that swallowed Yunus (Jonah) for a while and then threw him out to the land because he was among those who praise Allah.
  • The dog of the people of the cave that slept with them for three hundred and nine years.
  • Sulayman’s ant that had called the ants to escape to their dwellings, lest Sulayman and his hosts crush them, while they perceive not.
  • Abrahah’s elephant that was ordered to destroy the Ka’bah but was frozen in its place because of his fear of Allah and so he could not proceed. Ref: Animals In The Glorious Quran also for full Pdf Animals In The Glorious Quran



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