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There are numerous websites and reference books that contain detailed and scholarly information about Islamic religious practices and it’s important that the sources of this information are authentic and traditional. We’ve included links to trusted websites and reference books in Links & Resources.

Practices is divided into five further sections:

As well as basic information about the ‘what’ of these practices we’re also trying to concentrate on the ‘why’. We hope that this approach is more interesting than repeating information about practices that can be found in more detail elsewhere.


Note of Caution

A spiritual exercise must be like clothing for the murid. It is a most natural and easy thing to wear suitable and well fitting clothes, especially such a cloak of honour as found in the Naqshbandi Way. But if the exercise exceeds the capacity of the murid, it becomes like a heavy weight. If the exercise doesn't fit, he or she must carry it around like a heavy burden, and will be looking for the first opportunity to dump it. Take from these devotions, according to your capacity!


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