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The Messenger of Mercy series

The Messenger of Mercy Series (consisting of one hundred books) tells the story of the last and greatest of all the Messengers, the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. (Rasulullah Ur-Rahman).

In simple text taken from traditional sources it tells in great detail the life of this great prophet including the predictions concerning his birth, the stories of his ancestors and the plots the Jews made not just against him but also his father.

Beautifully illustrated and containing a wealth of forgotten knowledge, these books will be a delight to any child to read whether they are two or one hundred years old.

Foreword by Maulana Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani

In The name of God, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Our praise and thanks be to Allah Almighty and our salutations to The Last and His Most Beloved Prophet (s.a.w.), to all His Prophets before him (a.s).

I have read the books entitled The Glorious Prophets Series, written by my authorised shaykh Hajjah Ayesha Abdullah Scott and her husband Sheikh Muhammad al-Sinny, in which they present the life stories of 25 Prophets and their sacrifices for the true faith of God.

The reasons behind their books is twofold: first of all, to introduce the beauty of Islam and the religion of God to every single youth of the world, Muslim and none Muslim alike; and secondly to rekindle an interest in the beauty and wonder of Islam, its art, literature, architecture, miniatures and life style.

My special prayers go to my beloved wife Hajjah Amina Hatun Adil who inspired Hajjah Ayesha Abdullah Scott to continue her work. My special thanks go to all and those who laboured hard with the writers to bring about these books.

My Allah bless our efforts and those of all who are upon the Straight Path as we move toward the Last Days.


Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Ar-Rabbani An-Naqshabandi

About the Author

Hajjah Ayesha Abdullah Scott was born in Sussex, England in 1960. She embraced Islam in 1975. Since then she has devoted her life to spreading the message of Islam. She has been writing since a young age.

Some of her works include; Bismillah (Ta ha - London), Courageous Children of Islam (Islamic Foundation - Leicester), Search (Collections of Poems - DBP), The Cildren Rememberance and Supplication Series (DBP - Kuala Lumpur), Sahabah Series (Ilmiah Publishers - Kuala Lumpur), The Glorious Prophet Series (Musa a.s, Isa a.s and others (DBP - Kuala Lumpur).

Her time is now spent in writing and social welfare work and Da'wah works worldwide.

The first twenty titles

There are currently 20 titles that are either available now or in production and will be available shortly, insha'Allah.

Available now

  1. Predictions
  2. The Story of Abdul Muttalib
  3. The Rediscovery of the Well of Zamzam
  4. The Jewish Plot
  5. Marriages and Mysteries
  6. The Confinement of Aminah
  7. The Birth of the Last Prophet
  8. The Year of the Elephant
  9. Milk Mother and Miracles
  10. Return to Mecca
  11. Great Losses
  12. Bahira the Monk
  13. Journeys and Marriages
  14. The Rebuilding of the Ka'aba
  15. The First Revelations
  16. The First Believer
  17. The Order to Preach
  18. Taunts and Torments

Available shortly

19. The Picture Box

20. The Prophet's Prayer


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