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Faith is a wonderful tree

The Holy Prophet, Peace be upon him, once said: “To be the means by which one person is guided to the truth is better for you than the whole world and what it contains.”  Therefore, the Prophet’s companions spread out over the face of the Earth in order to share with others what they had been blessed with. Faith is a wonderful tree which the believer is called upon to plant where he can, in any suitable place, then to tend it as best as he can to insure that it may have a chance to grow.  And so you must not be satisfied just to lead a person to belief, but you must extend to him all the help and encouragement you can so that his faith may grow stronger.  You must be a true brother or sister to that person so that the roots of that sapling may grow deep and the branches spread and ultimately yield fruit and seed.
Yes, if you see a beautiful tree you must try to plant it elsewhere also.  Some plants are grown from seed, some by implanting branches in the earth, some by planting a piece of root or bulb, and some by grafting a piece of bark onto an existing tree.  You must take wisdom
from this example and become skilful gardeners, using the right methods for the right plants in the right season.  What we are saying is that you must use your wisdom and compassion in dealing with those beginners who look to you for guidance: be perceptive of their particular needs and particular situations, like a gardener.
We are not urging you to call people to our way like parrots, repeating the same thing in the same way to every person without discrimination.  You must look and see what door is open and enter from that door.  Don’t just kick in the first door you find!  Don’t be like those door-to-door preachers whom people flee from on sight and cross the street just in order to avoid.  Be true gardeners: don’t chop down a tree that only needs grafting and plant a seed in its place; also don’t graft good bark onto a dead stump.
Excerpt from ‘Mercy Oceans Divine Sources’

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Malik, son of Dinar, said: Jesus, peace be upon him, and his disciples with him passed by the carcass of a dog.  A disciple said "What a stench this dog makes!"  Then he, (blessings and peace be upon him) said "How white are its teeth!".


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