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The quintessence of the world is man

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These quotations are from Frithjof Schuon. The first quote is from the text entitled 'The Chain of Quintessences'.

"The quintessence of the world is man.

The quintessence of man is religion.

The quintessence of religion is prayer.

The quintessence of prayer is invocation.

Here lies the meaning of the Qur'anic verse: The invocation of God is greater [than anything else]. If man had no more than a few instants to live, he would no longer be able to do anything but invoke God. He would thereby fulfil all the demands of prayer, of religion, of the human state."

The next quotation is from the text entitled 'The Two Great Moments'

"There are two moments in life which are everything, and these are the present moment, when we are free to choose what we would be, and the moment of death when we no longer have any choice and the decision belongs to God. Now, if the present moment is good, death will be good; if we are now with God - in this present which is ceaselessly being renewed but which remains always this one and only moment of actuality - God will be with us at the moment of death. The remembrance of God is a death in life; it will be a life in death."

Published in 'Sophia: The Journal of Traditional Studies', and reproduced from an internet source.


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