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Try to be best ones not bad ones

Sister Sita (one of the original nuns at St. Anne’s Priory) comes to see me every week, she is a young nun, 86 years old only.  She is our next-door neighbour. She always says to me “Peace”.  Peace means “salam”, but in English.  Peace to you. That is a very good greeting,  I like it.  It means that you are safe, that I am coming to you with peace. I am not coming to harm you, I am not coming to hurt you, I am not coming to make you unhappy, I am not coming to make you sad,  I am only coming and asking  for Peace, for there to be peace here and hereafter. All the Holy Books say that human nature must be of that manner, and that we must be taught through our schools, through our homes, through family members, through  neighbours, through  our community, through nations.  We must try to say peace.   In Islam man is prohibited to show his weapon or sword to his brother or his sister.  To threaten is forbidden.  He must give confidence to anyone that he meets. That is a high level for mankind - under that level we are on the level of zoo people. Jungle people.  You can’t trust dogs, you can’t trust cats, you can’t trust donkeys, you can’t trust horses.  Animal you cannot trust.  For their owners it may be OK, but for others may be like this (scratch), or dogs may bite you, a horse may kick you, a donkey may bite you or  if not unhappy with two legs may kick you. No-one is safe from animals - you cant trust them.  For their owners it doesn’t matter but for others - never.  And those people who live at  the level of the jungle cannot be trusted.   Humanity is something else, humanity is an honourable title for mankind.  Everyone should aim to reach the level of human nature, but mostly we are on the level of animals.  For that reason heavenly people have been sent to change our animal natures into human nature.  If we follow heavenly teachings,  our souls gain power and they reach to human nature, to perfection.  If we are not following heavenly teachings, then our souls become weaker, weaker, weaker, and our animal  natures  are never going to be changed.   People  may be 100 years old,  80 years old, but they are not reaching to that level; they are on the level of animal nature.  We have animal natures because we are eating, drinking and we have physical desires.  If someone is living only for eating and drinking or for his sexual life, he has an  animal nature and you can’t trust him.  One time  he may bite you or may kick you.  Therefore we are in need of the teachings of  the prophets to be taught at every stage of education.  Every class from the beginning.  In kindergarten you must teach the little ones heavenly teachings - O my child, you must learn this, you must try to be like this.  Even professors must learn it, it is not enough for them to have a title, their title is nothing to them if they are not changing their animal natures.  Everyone is going  to die, and our souls come from the heavens by angels and angels also come to take our souls back.  When we are reaching the first of the seven heavens they are asking that person if he comes with an animal nature.  They are looking .  Is he yet like he was on the first day? On the last day is he the same, never changing?  Kick him down.  Kick him down. The doors of Heaven are never going to open for those who lived as animals.  That applies to anyone.  Don’t say I am English, I am Turkish, I am French.  Don’t say I am Christian or Muslim, I am Jewish, I am Buddhist, no.  Look to see if that person  changed his nature or not.  Humanity gives honour but animalhood makes us go down, to be kicked down .  Everyone must try to raise his level by the end of his life and be taken up.  Jesus Christ is looking after his nation,  Muhammed, Peace be upon Him, is   looking after his nation, Moses, Peace be upon Him, is looking after his nation.  Only Jesus Christ was taken to heaven as he was in his physical body. The other prophets’  physical beings  are in their tombs, only their spiritual being are there.  And everyone looks to see who will be accepted into the nation of Jesus.  I don’t think Jesus Christ accepts everyone and Sayidina Muhammed, Peace be upon Him,  also and Sayidina Musa, Peace be upon Him,  also.  We must change our animal natures. We must try to take much more care of our humanity.  To do this you must try to be better day by day and on the last day we must try to be best.  We are beginning, but we must go on until we reach the end, and you must try to be best ones not bad ones. That is true for everyone. People think that in the 21st century they are going to continue in the same way; eating, drinking, sexual relationships and enjoyment.  They  hope to carry these from this century to the next century.  They are not thinking about making the 21st century a clean century.  People are preparing to transfer all the dirty things of this century, every bad thing, from here to the 21st century.  But this cannot happen.  According to heavenly knowledge it can’t be.  It should not be.  The 21st century is never going to be dirtied by transferring dirty things, dirty characteristics - no.  No more.  It is enough that people have just made  this century so dirty, such a bad smelling century. So many people have bad intentions and bad characteristics and are only following their animal natures, intending to carry dirtyness from this century to the 21st century. They are not going to be left to carry their dirtyness because so many dirty sicknesses, dirty illnesses, dirty ideas, dirty beliefs, dirty actions have just filled this century.  There is no permission to carry that over, it is going to be finished.  I saw a poster where it was written ‘Save our Schools’, I am not understanding, but I am understanding.  I am understanding what they are asking but at the same time I am not understanding.  They are not writing save our children, they are saying save our schools. They are not thinking of what the schools should do for the new generation of children, but  it is important to them to save those buildings, when really the most important thing is to save youngsters.  They are going to reach  the 21st century, that is important.  And just as I was coming today I saw another writing - sometimes when I am looking some teachings or some inspirations come from those writings.  It is written ‘Kill Your Speed’ - better than kill a child.  Killing can be in two ways,  killing the physical being and secondly, killing the spiritual being.  But people are only interested that their physical beings should not be touched.  Not  being killed that is important for 20th century people and they are taking care that their physical beings should not be touched by death.  But Her Majesty’s government is not taking any care of youngsters’  spiritual beings, killed or not, living or not.  It is not only this country but every country in Europe and every foolish Muslim country that is following Europeans who are not taking any care for their spiritual beings, living or not.  And that is the source of every problem, every crisis, every war, every ill.  And to continue in this way would put everyone under the government of a Satanic kingdom.  And Europeans are claiming they have just reached the top of civilisation - they are liars.  We are coming to make people alive and the prophets  are asking to make people alive - in their spiritual beings.  Everyone is alive in their physical being just like animals also, but prophets came to make people alive through their spiritual beings.
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Aziz Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Kerim Allah
Allah Allah,  Allah Allah,  Allah Allah, Subhanallah
Allah Allah,  Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah

Only one Sultan, and he is asking for his servants to be Sultans, not to be slaves, who is slave for his physical body no honour.  Sultan of heavens, King of heavens, Lord of heavens asking to make his servants Kings also.    Asking to save them from the slavery of their leaders, asking that they should be sultans, kings here and hereafter. But people saying no, we are happy eating and drinking and dancing and playing. This is better for us.
Please take care of us, these people we are speaking to today.  I am simple humble one, no titles for me. I like it not to have title.  Humble people listen to me and when you are listening then it is a grant from heavens through my heart to speak of these things.

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