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Why has he not answered?

 Once, a group of people gathered around Ibrahim ibn Adham and said "Allah says in the Quran 'Call upon me and I will answer you.' Why has he not answered?"

Ibrahim said: "Oh people of Basra, you have died in ten things:

  • You recognise Allah, but do not give Him His due right
  • You read the book of Allah, but do not act according to it
  • You claim to have loved Rasulullah(s), but have turned away from his sunnah
  • You claim to acknowledge the enmity of Shaytan to you, but you agree with him in actions
  • You say you love Jannah, but you do not work for it
  • You say you fear Jahannum, but you have retained yourself inside it
  • You acknowledge the reality of death, but you do not prepare for it
  • You keep yourself busy with the defects of others, but you put your own  defects (hidden) behind your backs
  • You consume of the bounty of your Lord, but did not express gratitude
  • You bury your dead and do not learn a lesson from it"

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