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Every ayat is an endless independent ocean of meaning


Grandsheikh was saying that if a person can arrange and direct his actions according to a Qur’anic verse and do so with full belief, he can receive from it every knowledge of which he may be in need throughout his life.  Also, he says in regards to the meaning of  ‘Ayat’ or verse of the Qur’an that to call it a ‘verse’ is not sufficient, for an ayat is in reality much more than explaining something through a verse …’ayat’ belongs to Allah Almighty and is a ‘Sign of Allah’, sign of His endless Power and Knowledge.  Ayat reaches to the highest point and is in all cases victorious, so that no matter what comes upon one from the Sons of Adam, one ayat will be enough to vanquish it all and to make one victorious.  That is ayat: it has such a power that it outweighs the power of all mankind put together…


The Prophet (saws) recited Qur’an as it was read to him, and at other times he spoke from himself (Hadith), but if you compare the two you can tell the difference immediately, just as one may easily distinguish between rubies and normal stones; such is the difference between the two - one the word of mortal man and the other the word of the Almighty and Eternal Lord.

Our Grandsheikh was saying that if a man can keep and totally practice one ayat, that he himself will become an Ayat from among the ayats or signs of Allah, and will be victorious over all.  We are not speaking about such people who name themselves ‘ayatullah’; if a person is a true ayatullah then power is coming through him so that he has no need to use guns, rockets and soldiers.  Even one of his holy breaths is adequate to protect himself and his whole nation from evil…

According to our Grandsheikh’s explanation, every verse is an endless independent ocean of meaning; you can take all things from that ocean.  Even if we would absorb from the ocean of one ayat throughout all eternity, it would never be exhausted; they remain the same limitless oceans eternally.

‘For what did Allah create these eternal oceans?’  We must know that Allah Almighty is never in need of anything, and therefore is creating all those oceans solely for the sake of His servants.  The main attribute of Allah Almighty is His Being beyond need of anyone; but while He is never in need of anything, His creatures’ main attribute is to be in need at every moment.  The

creature can never be above need of his Creator; if the Divine Help which keeps everything in existence was to be pulled out for even a second from the smallest atomic particle, then that piece would cease to exist…

We are all in need of those endless meaning oceans, and every creature is swimming in them, taking from their Lord’s favours.  The divine reason for His verses being such endless oceans is that we may say “Our Lord has limitless sovereignty over His Realm”.  For such a realm there must be an infinity of servants, creatures, worshippers, angels and kingdoms.  No one can fully understand his Lord; one may know a little regarding his Lord, but it is quite impossible to know all.  He is the absolute King over His Kingdom, and there is no partner unto Him.  When His servants know this they will say, “Oh my Lord, we are powerless”.  When they are thus recognising and admitting their powerlessness, He gives them from His Divine Power and dresses them with it, which enables them to dive into those oceans and derive more and more benefit from Divine Wisdom and Knowledges.

From ‘Mercy Oceans’ Hidden Treasures’



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