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Ride the Galaxies - a talk

 Tonight is the second night of the holy month of Muharram and the beginning of the Islamic calendar. May Allah send blessings to all Muslims, and may it be the worse for the enemies of Islam, inside or outside.  This is a new association with our Grand Sheikh. I must try to translate for you something that is necessary for you as food. You are in need of food - for your physical being you must cook and eat what Allah Almighty created for you. Your souls are in need of spirituality, and all religions now except Islam never giving anything to their followers.

If  this bottle is full you may give it, but when it is finished, what are you going to give? Christianity finished many years ago, but they try to make people interested in Christianity using so many useless, nonsense and  foolish ways for youngsters. And they know very well what interests our physical being. The interest of our physical being is only to eat and to drink and to run after the ego.  They are asking to reach spiritual targets, but day by day their spirituality is going down. Only the Seal of the Prophets was bringing perfect food for the soul. And they are thinking they know everything.

Can an ant understand who is Man? Never! If an ant lived a billion years it would not be able to understand about man - never. Man has much more wisdom, knows much more, but knowledge about their divine Lord is always going to be small.  Limited things may be big, big, big through your eyes, but always in divine greatness oceans it is going to be nothing - down, down, down till finishing. And people are so  mad, so foolish,  asking to know who is Allah, or how is Allah or where is Allah. Where is

Italy, where is Germany, where is America, where is Malaysia, show me! They would say ‘I can’t show you now from here, but come with me on a flight and I shall show you my home land, Malaysia’. Oh donkey, if you are asking about Malaysia and you need to get a flight to fly 15 hours and then to land in Malaysia, you can’t be able to know Malaysia. So how you are saying “Show me Allah”. And I am saying to you show me beyond this space, show me beginning of space, show me the limits of space, show me where space ends, then I shall say to you go beyond that. You need 13 or 15 hours travelling to Malaysia, so how many years or centuries or thousands or billions of years must you travel to find Allah?

He created space - how can you ask Him where He is, He created time - how can you ask how old He is. The galaxies are running to their Lord’s divine presence. Take one of them, ride on it, all those galaxies are running in the same direction, no galaxy comes up against heavenly traffic or accidents. Take one…. What is your payment? You must pay for a ticket for riding any galaxy, the payment is your physical body, you must give it as a payment for a ticket to ride on any galaxy. You can ride on any galaxy,  if  you are paying with your physical body. Give it to them,  then every galaxy may take you free. When the heavenly order comes to stop - that is your last destination.  He will say ‘I am here, come to Me’. Even Paradise, It veils the greatness of Allah Almighty. He is saying I am here - Allah most High, Allah most Great, Allah most knowing, Allah most powerful, everything is most perfection for Allah Almighty, the endless. We are saying this is most misunderstood… it is from eternal to eternal, and you should say this, when they are asking where you wish to reach. If angels are asking you must say ‘I am moving towards eternity’.  Whoever asks for eternity may come. Whoever asks for anything else will be kicked down, the conductor cutting the ticket and kicking him down. This is only for those asking for eternity.

Cyprus, 1999.


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