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Crossing the river

Saint Junaid al-Baghdadi (raa) once saw a man strolling by the edge of the River Euphrates. He asked him why he was strolling there.

'I am waiting for a boat to ferry me across to the other shore.' the man replied.

'Come,' said Junaid, 'let me take you across.' 

When the fellow asked him how he could do that, he said,

'By remembering Allah.' Then he asked, 'Take care not to say anything except 'As the Sheikh says.'

"He took the man by the hand, and they started walking on the water together. The venerable Junaid was saying, 'O Allah, O Allah, O All-Powerful, O All-Powerful.' while the fellow beside him was saying, 'As the Sheikh says, As the Sheikh says.'Half-way across and the other man began to wonder why he should confine himself to saying, 'As the Sheikh says.' He decided to try invoking Allah too, but as soon as he said 'O Allah, O All-Powerful' he began sinking into the river.

The venerable Junaid pulled him to safety, then chided him, 'Do you think yourself competent to mention the names of Allah? Because I knew your mouth was not ready for that, I told you to say nothing but 'As the Sheikh says.'' With these words he brought the man safe and sound to the bank of the river.

From ‘Irshad’ - Sh Muzaffer Ozak Al-Jerrahi.


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