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Association in the most distinguished Naqshbandi order.

A short association I am intending, but I am not the controller of what I am going to speak about because my Grandsheikh is over my position - my commander and controller and so I may say to you “I am going to make a short association”, but it may continue up to morning - doesn’t matter. But because we are weak people I am asking forgiveness from our Grandsheikh for me and for you, and that it should be a short address for you.

Association with Sheikh is one of the most important pillars of the most distinguished Naqshbandi order. Association with the Sheikh is like petroleum for cars. And men or  believers, they need to move towards Allah. Or one may say, believers, we need to move towards Heavens because we have been called to do so, also we have been offered not to stay on this wild world, not to ask to live on this earth a hundred years or more, no, it is not a real target, no.  To live longer is not a target. Instead our aims must be worshipping as much as possible, more and more. Those who are asking for long life, who are asking only for the purpose of worship and to pray and to obey the Lord of Heaven’s commands, and are asking from His endless Mercy Oceans, have  a true aim. For everyone, of every religion, this is a real target - for every religions’ followers.  If you are asking a Christian would you like to live a long life and they say “Yes!”. You may ask “For what are you asking long life?”.  “My aim is to eat and to drink more!” - this is the life of animals, it is not a real aim to say this. The person who is asking for a long life to enjoy his ego for all this time, that person and four-legged animals are on the same level. Same aim. Cattle and a flock of sheep are asking to live  for what? For green grass, to eat much more and to feed themselves more. That is the only aim for cattle and flocks of sheep. If you are asking for a long life to enjoy yourself by eating and drinking, you are going to be on same level as animals.  But if you are asking for a long life, you may say “I like to live longer for my Lord’s service, for I like to live a long life for my Lord’s worshipping, because worshipping gives me honour. To live long and grow in honour, that is my aim!” Which one is excellent?  Do you think any religion may refuse what this man says?  Therefore excellence is excellent for Islam.  Other religions are coming down because they can’t teach their followers that aim. No, no-one says this except Islam.  Also the most distinguished Naqshbandi order is saying this clearly and freely. That we are asking for a long life to reach more honour in the Divine presence through serving our Lord.  Anything else is wrong.  (Long Life for Mevlana) … Hip Hip Hoorah!   Anything else?  (Happy Birthday).  Laughter …

Therefore this is an association that gives people a new refreshment and gives new power to help them continue for their Lord’s divine service.  This is helping.  Cars  cannot run without petroleum and believers cannot move without association with Sheikh. Association means to join to the other person through his power, to be carried from earth to Heavens. That is another meaning for association that you may be joining the caravan of prophets and saints that are going towards their Lord’s divine service, divine presence.  Association is like a hook carrying people from lowest life to highest life and it is a very important pillar of the most distinguished Naqshbandi order.  If even two brothers or two sisters or three followers of this tariqa are going to be together, one of them must say something as an association and others may hear him and may follow him. Our direction and last destination, he may say, is the Divine presence.  Up to the Divine presence you must move, just as running water runs through the land without stopping until it reaches the ocean. When reaching the ocean, no more running. No more moving, finished! Waters, rivers, channels are running until they reach the ocean.

And Allah Almighty is saying “O my servants, you are moving, you are running, you are doing this, you are doing that til you are reaching to my Divine presence”.  When you are running, making waters to approach from ocean.  Lakes not running, but rivers running.  Rivers run until they reach the ocean when they reach their aims.  Our aim, everyone’s aim is only to reach Divine oceans in Divine presence.  So many rivers  are running to the oceans in several directions.  It is never the one ocean.  In the Divine presence there are endless oceans.  Maybe one ocean for one person, and he must run or she must run to her own ocean.  And when reaching their own ocean, then finishing.  Everyone has ocean, yes, and it is only one drop from your ocean that you have been granted in this life, only one drop, a little bit. That drop is enough to give you confidence to reach that ocean.  What about when you are reaching that drop’s ocean that you have been granted through Divine Presence?  Run to reach your ocean, last destination for you through this life. No-mind people are leaving the ocean and running to the desert - running through deserts, looking and seeing mirages. People are running after mirages, running through the desert to reach them, to find something, and there is nothing there. And they are finishing. Oh people! Leave the mirage in the desert and come to the ocean, come to your ocean that is yours for ever,  your last destination in the Divine presence. Love oceans, beauty oceans, endless tasteful, sweet oceans that you have been granted from your Lord Almighty, Allah.

Allah, Allah,

Allah, Allah,

Allah, Allah, Karim Allah,

Allah, Allah,

Allah, Allah, Subhanallah,

Allah, Allah,

Allah, Allah,

Allah, Allah, Sultan Allah.

Whoever is running after grass meadows like cattle - butchers knife waiting for them. Whoever is running for those oceans in Divine presence, waiting for them are endless enjoyments, endless tasting, endless blessings, endless favours. Which one is good for you, you must give your decision. Fatihah.

Cyprus, April 1999



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