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Sheikh Nazim at Hollingbourne 1999

Eternal Sultan. From pre-eternal to eternal He is Sultan. Nothing going to be as we like, everything is going to be as He likes. My English you are understanding? Shakespeare English. Yes, there was a person, or we are saying philosopher, a very clever one, his English was excellent, for seventy years he was in England, only a few people were coming from colony to be here for learning, and coming to Cyprus he opened a school, and called school Shakespeare School. I was there, my English becoming Shakespeare English, not market English. You are speaking market English, high English? You know Hamlet? You read it? I read it, I forget it also. Because our minds in limits, in limits, capacity very short, but man has another capacity that without limits may learn and keep … for himself or herself. That is our spiritual being’s capacity. Physical body very short limits. Our lives also very short, but our spiritual being unlimited. May learn and keep not losing or forgetting.

Welcome to you, perhaps one year has passed from our last meeting up to today. Our meeting is a humble meeting, but distinguished people coming through our sister Mrs Layka, her gathering is a good gathering, good people, good understanding people, and they are not getting fed up with me because I am not a professor.  It is not a college room or university hall, no, humble place with distinguished but humble people. My soul always happy to be here, even once a year. My soul feeling good feelings for being with you. That is a sign that when we were coming before this life, our souls were in the spiritual world before coming to the material world. We were all of us in the spiritual world which was like an ocean and our souls were like fishes through the oceans. No fish asks to come out from the ocean, and when they are coming out they are jumping (gestures to indicate flapping fish) and asking to return to ocean. And our souls also they have been taken by the command of the Lord of Heavens. When our time coming, divine order ordering us to come down, go through that material being, be there until called back. Everyone’s soul inside their physical being  waiting for that promised day, that the Lord promised to them “One day I am calling you back”. Our souls are looking for that moment to hear that divine order “Come to Me, come back to your ocean”. But our physical being is never happy for our soul to leave because the physical body is standing in existence through that soul. When the soul goes away then our physical body finishing, falling down! Can’t walk, can’t touch, can’t look, can’t smell, can’t taste, can’t hear, can’t know, can’t feel, nothing, finished! The physical being is so anxious to keep the soul with itself, but the soul is just the opposite, asking for the day that it should be called back to the ocean. And through traditional knowledge we know the Lord of Heavens is happy with that one who is going to be happy with his last day. If  a person is going to be happy with leaving this life and running after that call, if he is coming happily, his Lord is going to be happy with him, with her.   But  if that one is not  happy with  that calling, then that One who called him is not going to be pleased with him or with her. They must come; everyone must hear that call.


Through our old stories there was one person who was asking to find a place with no death there. He was running everywhere. (At that time there were no passports,  you could go freely. We are saying now freedom century, liars! You can’t step, but they are asking for passport, “Where are you going, for what?” This planet for mankind, I must travel from East to West, therefore I am carrying so many passports, Cyprus, Turkish, Greek Cyprus, all kinds of passports, some useful for some places, some not useful for other places, therefore I am changing from one to another. More rules making people much more in limits, freedom taken away from people.) That time that person was going, no-one asking for passport. He was asking anyone dying in this place, they were saying “No!”. Everyone dying but everyone waiting for His call. He was looking at that place and saw no cemetery. He was saying “No-one dying?”, they were saying “No. There is a peak, only sometimes a call coming from that direction, from that hill, saying oh Hassan come, oh Amina come, oh Fatima come, oh Maryam.  Someone hearing his name, running and never coming back.”  “Anyone forcing them?” “No! Only they are hearing name and running.” This person says “I am not going.” So for many years he was living there, and one day when time is coming he was in barber’s shop shaving his beard, and coming barber up to here (indicates shave only half done) he was saying I must go because they are calling me.  Barber was saying “I must complete this side”. “No, no, no, I must go”, and throwing aside everything  he ran also. When call coming no-one refuses, no one is able to sit, must go. One day whoever is invited and called, he is going to hear his name and must go. He was running on his feet, but now, if the call coming from Heavens the feet can’t walk. The body can’t move, men must carry him.

Last week a king (Hussein of Jordan) died and it took 8 persons to carry him.  It was so heavy, that one body. When a person is alive you can carry him easily, even you may put on your shoulder and carry. 8 persons, strong soldiers, I am looking and they are bent like this. Look what power our spirituality gives to this body. That means this body standing with our spirituality not with our eating and drinking.  Spirituality is our real being, forever, never ending; our real being,  but this physical being is going to be dust. I saw that king taken from his coffin and laid down and earth covering him. His body was complete, but after a while you may open grave and you are finding only dust. Where is that person, Who taking? Someone stealing? Who is going to steal? That body has no price. If it had a price people may sell it to make money, but no price. Therefore you are putting under earth, covering and after a while open and look and it is only dust. It is a sorrowful happening that people never taking any care for real being. The whole of our care is  for our physical being that is finally going to be dust. When I am saying that once upon a time I was a small one, no-one is accepting it, Sheikh Effendi was never a small one, but time carrying me through ages and I am reaching to 80, and I do not know how many years, or how many months or how many weeks, how many days, how many hours… only Lord of Heavens knowing, and I did my best for my body, to be white beard person.

Yesterday some black ones (hairs), today some more white ones, time running and taking people, taking people. You can’t insist to keep your youth. No! it is impossible. Daoud was young one, I knew him before he was married, maash’Allah, … time running and however much care you take, it is going to be useless. I am thinking, Hussein 46 years a king. I was in Jordan when he was made king, crowned  46 years ago.  I remember, looking at his funeral last week. 46 years he was king, and he was taking every care, particularly making check-up.  It is a new fashion, people running for check-up.  Some people saying to me “check-up”.  Doctor phoning to me “Hello Sheikh, come for a check-up” and I am saying “I am not in need for check-up.  What is the benefit for check-up, for making my age to be more?” No, the king, perhaps a thousand times making check-up, he lost and death won. Therefore we must take much more care for our real being, that is our spiritual being.  Even 5 minutes you are not giving, 5 minutes. 5 minutes gives to our souls a pleasure. Then souls getting to be pleased with us, giving much more support for our physical being.  And it is for this reason that people are getting ill or sick and quickly dying, because they are losing real support from their souls. The soul is very sad for that person. They are not giving any care or attention for that soul, and he is going to be angry and sad, taking his support.  When you lose spiritual support - finish.  Physical body can’t carry it.  This appearing through your eyes, through your mind, through your legs, through your heart, through your stomach, through your liver, lung, everything going to be little by little melting, can’t carry, saying we can’t carry.

Therefore troubles commonly only have one reason.  But those who are saying a crisis, it is the result of economical reasons - they are liars.  I am never accepting from beginning up to today.  They are liars.  It is not economical aspects that are making people fall down individually or commonly, no.  Only spiritual support, spiritual support for ourselves, for our physical body. And also beliefs, they are the spiritual power of communities, their beliefs.  But communities now are never giving any value or taking any care for Heavenly rules,  they never keeping Heavenly orders.  They are keeping the orders that governments are making - when it is red (traffic lights), never moving or they are taking some photographs of us, taking, catching. But they are not thinking that from Heavens there are some photographs for everyone, showing what they are doing.

Scholars are saying that traditions and knowledge, Heavenly knowledge, are mysticism, that means no basis.  They are saying philosophy it is a knowledge, branch of knowledge, but they never accepting Heavenly traditional knowledge that prophets bringing as lights for mankind. They are saying they are mystics. That means mysteries, tales, fairy tales, they are saying. That is biggest, biggest mistake that we are living in our days, and they are not taking care.  Always they are occupied taking their minds economy, economy, economy, pounds, pounds, pounds, dollar, dollar, dollar, dollar, mark, mark, mark like this (counts out money) beginning dollar, dollar, dollar … pound pound, pound, pound, pound, mark, mark, mark mark, what is this? useless French Francs. Taking over their minds economy: sleeping economy, waking economy. Everyone taking Samsonite putting economy in it, their shoulder coming like this (hunches against the weight). Without this Samsonite, can’t work? Must carry Samsonite! No,  materialism is against all beliefs and has destroyed humanity.  Mankind leaving humanity - dead.  Humanity valuable being, all mankind.  Materialism has taken away all values from mankind, making mankind a different creature.  No any difference, no. You must save it. Now only 10 ½ months  remaining to finish this century, as well as second millennium finishing and third coming, we hope an awakening for mankind. Mankind must wake up. If not, they are destroying themselves because only man with his soul is a man.  Without a soul, without the values in the soul we are like other creatures.  We have been honoured, most honoured creatures that the Lord of Heavens created.  We are not teaching our children who they are.  You must be taught first who you are. Everything in existence they have something or they have been in existence for some purpose.  What is the purpose of mankind being in existence?  No answer given, and they are saying that is mysticism.  You must look at ants, at bees, at snakes, at fox, at chickens, nothing else.  We were looking at a documentary where they were saying it is most important how a falcon can fly, how coming down, how catching, hunting, how bringing to babies, where they are living.  What about for you? No-one, Man, nothing. Are we less than falcons? less than ants? looking at ants and seeing how ants live.  How that bit so narrow (thorax) this bit his head and that his back, insects …… and they are asking who are you, Man, for what? How have we been put on this planet in an endless universe?  How have we have been on this planet, for what?  Who put us on it?  No documentary on this, never. Only for animals  are there documentaries.

The youngsters are innocent, but we as fathers, grandfathers,  supported materialism through the governments that we voted for. We have responsibility, but new generations are not responsible for everything that has just happened and for the atmosphere in which we are living now. We are carrying the whole responsibility for them.  But I hope that in the near future a change is coming, for the sake of new ones, not for us, but for you if you are young ones, new generation. You should find another atmosphere at the end of this year and at the beginning of third millennium.  May Allah bless you, and forgive us.


Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah,

Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,

Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Subhannallah,

Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah.

From eternal up to eternal He is Sultan.  He is King of Kings, always, never ending kingdom for Lord of Heavens who created everything and He created man.  He created everything for man and He created man for Himself.  That means He created you for Himself - what does it mean for Himself?  That means He created you for His divinely service therefore servanthood is your honour, keep that honour and try to be a sincere servant for your Lord.  And try to do your best for your Lord’s service and try to be a good servant and try to make your best for His Almighty’s servants. That is whole holy books giving as a knowledge as a direction as a destination for anyone, for everyone.  We have been granted a mind, we have been granted willpower - that no other creature was granted mind and will.  The Lord of Heavens granted to you that you may understand through your mind and you may order, you may do, you may act with your willpower.  You are not in need to be tied from your neck and to be carried, no.  You are free.  Allah Almighty gave to you absolute freedom because He granted to you His will and you must use your will only for his divinely service not for your ego.  May Allah bless you and forgive me.




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Lady Lucie Duff Gordon (1821-1869) lived in Luxor, Egypt from 1862 in the hope that the consumption she was suffering from would improve. She learnt Arabic, and often visited and prayed at the tomb of Sufi Sheikh Yusuf abu’l-Hajjaj.

Letter to her husband, Sir Alexander Duff Gordon, from Cairo 16th October 1866:

'My Reis spoke such a pretty parable the other day that I must needs write it. A Coptic Reis stole some of my wood, which we got back by force and there was some reviling of the Nazarenes in consequence from Hoseyn and Ali; but Reis Mohammed said:

“Not so; Girgis is a thief, it is true, but many Christians are honest; and behold, all the people in the world are like soldiers, some wear red and some blue; some serve on foot, others on horseback, and some in ships; but all serve one Sultan, and each fights in the regiment in which the Sultan has placed him, and he does what does his duty best is the best man, be his coat red or blue or black.”

I said, `Excellent words, oh Reis, and fit to be spoken from the best of pulpits.' It is surprising what happy sayings the people here hit upon; they cultivate talk for want of reading, and the consequence is great facility narration and illustration. Everybody enforces his ideas, like Christ, in parables.'



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