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Islamic Unity Conference, Washington, August 1998

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Islamic Unity Conference, Washington, August 1998
Islamic Unity Conference continued...
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One of the strongest moments of the Conference was the arrival of the President of Chechnya. He came on stage with 3 body guards and said in his speech that Chechnya had always been and would always be Naqshbandi.

After that Sheikh Nazim in his speech told him about the 'Hafasa', the guardian angels who protect us. He said that if Allah wants you to live even if a hundred bullets are fired at you, the Hafasa will wrap their wings like iron around you and nothing can touch you. But if it is written for you to be killed, not even one hundred bodyguards can prevent it. The next day the President actually came on stage without his guards. Only one of them was standing scared stiff under the stage... Quite impressive, considering that two weeks earlier one of his body guards got killed on duty!

The following is an extract from one of Sheikh Nazim’s talks at the Conference:

The Grandmufti of Kosova told us that there is a massacre in his country without a  reason. I cannot accept this. There is a reason: they are Muslims. People came there with a cross and asked the inhabitants to save their soul.

I was very surprised to hear from his Excellency the President of Chechnya that when he heard about the massacres in Kosova he was the first one who wanted to go there and to fight! His name is Aslan, which means lion.    I also heard today, that the Russians sent 1/2 million fully armed soldiers to Chechnya with a population of 2 1/2 million. The people of Chechnya said that they would face this army with their faith, because they are grandsons of lions like Imam Shamil.

The people of Chechnya all belong to tariqat, they won their independence through, "La illaha illaLlah". Our European Muslims were a long time under communism and they lost it. They need  tariqats and zikr, that is what will give them power to their hearts. They are now loving this world more than Allah. They are unable to give their souls for the sake of Allah. The Russians signed the independence of Chechnya because their armies were moving with,  "La illaha illaLlah", "La illaha illaLlah", "La illaha illaLlah". This is what I am advising the people of the Balkans to do. Those of our religion who do not believe in tariqats and in zikr go to them and tell them not to do zikr, that it is bida. It is because they left that spiritual path that a curse came on them. Let them open their tekkes, their zawiyas and their derghas and follow the command of Allah and do zikr. Their rais, their president is Qadiri and with me Naqshbandi!

May Allah bless you and give you much more power to save the lives of innocent people.


We need a Sultan. Without a Sultan we will not be able to defend ourselves in a Divine way. There must be one Sultan for all Muslims. That is the Holy Command of Allah the Almighty. But people have lost it. It is 75 years ago that the Turks threw away their Caliph, the Sultan. You helped the Turks a lot during their fight, but you were cheated. The ancestors of the Muslims of Hindustan helped to save the Maqqam-ul-Khilafa, the Sultan. But finally they were cheated. For 75 years now the Muslims have lost their Sultan. The Shariah cannot work without a Sultan, and a Sultan cannot work without the Shariah.  One completes the other. You must always remind people of this. At the beginning of the next century we must have this again.

Power comes when people are united. The Islamic world has now fallen into pieces. No-one is listening to anyone. No-one is willing to give up their seat of power in favour of a united Muslim empire. But Allah is now first preparing the Caliphs who have much more spiritual power. The spiritual leaders will be under the ruler's command because the spiritual leaders cannot control the whole Islamic world. The power of monarchy is in the hands of the Sultan. The Sultan was responsible to protect the Divine Law on earth. The Caliphs, the spiritual leaders, were more powerful than the Sultan, because if they said that a Sultan was not suitable for the nation, he would be taken away and killed.

If two Sultans would appear, one of them would be killed, so as not to divide the nation. It is mentioned in the Holy Quran that when the children of Israel were defeated by Nebuchadnazzer, the King of Syria, who destroyed the Temple, they ran to the Prophet of the time and said to him, "Oh please, Messenger of God, ask the Almighty to send us a King who is able to control the whole country. Let us fight under his flag against the enemies." The way Allah has mentioned it, it is the best. No-one can object. They did not ask for permission to elect someone as a president, to have a democracy!   You cannot be like the rulers. He must be on top.

Allah is teaching us where we must go to ask. If Allah loves a servant He will give him wisdom to be able to understand. We have been told that Muhammad* is with us all the time. He was not only sent to the companions. If we don't believe that he is with us, we are unbelievers. The Quran tells us that Muhammad* will be witnessing all nations. Do you think that a dead person can witness? People have no wisdom. The Prophet* is with us, he is alive! Even if people do not accept it, it doesn't matter.    The children of Israel went to their Prophet to ask for intercession. Why didn't they ask Allah directly? People have no mind. They are denying intercession. So many young people are asking, "What is sheikh, what is wasila, we must ask Allah directly..."

Ask! And look if He will answer your prayer! Why does it say in the Quran that  the Children of Israel went to their Prophet and asked him to ask Allah to send them a King, a Sultan? You are such weak people, heedless Muslims, too weak to follow that example. You go to the UN for Kashmir, to the UN for Cyprus, to the UN for Kosova, to the UN for Palestine... What is that? We should be ashamed that we are not asking the Prophet*. I am quoting the Quran, no-one can object on it. Allah is showing us the way for all problems. As long as we are not going to the Prophet* we will be going coming, going coming to the UN and waste a lot of  shoes!

May we ask the Prophet* to send us a Sultan. We hope that he is coming...



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