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The Little Beautiful Boxes

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“Let us recall those little glass boxes we saw in a shop in Harrogate.  The boxes with flowers and beautiful designs painted on them…"

Then, let us take a large piece of diamond and cut it into seven pieces.  It must be a strange diamond. Though cut into pieces, it remains entire, and each piece is as the original mass from which it is derived.  Such is the nature of the Soul, and each one of the Souls.  Then let us place each piece of the diamond in one of those little boxes.  Holding that piece of diamond within, each glass box is now lighted with a light which is neither of the sun nor of any lamp.

Those boxes are our bodies and minds.  Some diamonds, though not severed from their origin, are however so bewitched by the light they shed and by the forms they illuminate that they start taking the box itself as the source and seat of that light and beauty until the moment when the hand that placed them there picks them up to be returned to where they belong.”

Taken from ‘Alone to Alone’ by Hasan Askari.


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