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One of two conditions

Our Grandshaykh was saying that people may be in one of two conditions:  One, the expanded person has an open face, smiling, not solemn or angry. The second condition is contrary to this.  He who is in this condition is angry, sorrowful, and solemn.


Which is lovely for Allah Almighty?  The first.  Allah like His servants to be open, expanded, always pleased.  If a man is not complaining, if he is smiling under all conditions and carrying only goodness in his heart for others, Allah is pleased with him.

It is the greatest sin, before Allah, to condemn a man without knowledge, without proof, without witnesses.  It is ‘suizzan’ - a wrong or bad assumption.  You must think all people are good.  Then, even if your own sins are great, Allah may forgive you easily.  No harm for smiling, expanded persons.  All badness coming from stern, angry people.

In dark places, you may find poisonous insects.  Though a stern, angry person may do as much worship as all people combined, it is not acceptable.  He who has a stern face, he who is not thinking goodness for other people, that person is refused from the Divine Presence.

“Nafs is our most dangerous enemy”, says our Grandshaykh.  “We must be very careful if its endless traps and tricks.  One trick of our ego is to claim humbleness when what it really desires is to be highly regarded by others.  Abu Yazid al-Bistami (may Allah grant him more honours) said to us, ‘You must look to your nafs, O, my sons, with such a looking that you may see that it is lower than all people.  You must say, ‘My nafs is no good.  My nafs is worse than those of all people.  It is worse than Pharaoh, worse than Nimrod, worse  even than Satan!’  Unless you are saying this, you cannot smell the good smells of reality within our Tariqat.  If a man does not accept that his nafs is worse than everybody else’s, he really is the worst!  Proud people cannot enter paradise, or smell the perfume.”

Extracts from ‘Mercy Oceans’


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