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The Maccam of Sheikh Sharafudin

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An extremely welcoming visual bath of green on the way back from Hajj (1991) by road around the village built by Sheikh Sharafudin himself; all the houses face Mecca of course, and the road to the village is still today an example of great engineering, visited by specialists from as far as China.

The maccam of sheikh sharafudin

As can be expected, the area abounds with stories and mysteries.  A little mosque nearby guarantees a meeting with Al-Khidr if two rakats are prayed within.  The Sheikh’s Muezzin in the village square mosque would climb the 99 steps and ask his Sheikh permission to omit the stairs on the way down whereupon he would float down like a leaf to the ground from the top.  The spring/well in the square is linked underground to the well of Zamzam in Mecca.  The Sheikh’s house and Zawiya is still kept beautifully, as it was, with the Sheikh’s corner seat intact and un-sat in, by two elderly ladies.  This room, where the regular dhikr was held, as well as the whole village is thick with the wonderful, living atmosphere of much baraka.  (Apologies for sounding like a tourist guide!).

Of course, anyone wanting to visit should seek further information from the right source.

M Drury



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