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Democracy, the biggest deception

 We know that true, clean and honourable people are usually not accepted because the majority of people are dirty. Good people are being defeated. Since the beginning of mankind there are so many sufferings amongst people. Either they have never been given the rights which Allah ordained for them, or it has been taken away from them by force. These are the two reasons. People of Truth are not happy when people suffer. They want everyone to reach their rights.

Then we will have peace.    But the devils, who are establishing the kingdom of satan never want common people to have any rights. They only want it for a group of people, not for everyone. They want to be shepherds and the rest to be the flock. A shepherd may do anything he wants with the flock. The flock has no rights except to eat, drink produce new lambs and get fat for the knife of the butcher. From the beginning until now common people have no rights.

Since the beginning of time mankind have been asking for their rights. Some people suffer a lot, others are satisfied. Until 1779 the governing system was monarchy. When a good person became king, emperor or sultan, the people were happy. If not, they were unhappy. Throughout the centuries mankind was always trying to get their rights. Devils come and disguise themselves as advisors, just like satan did with Adam in Paradise. But he has only had one interest all along, to take us from Paradise to hell.    He has been repeating this same line with people throughout time. He convinces them that there is a new method in which everyone will be a shepherd, everyone will be governing. The flock doesn't even think whether this is possible, or not, they just follow. When this was introduced in 1779 maybe people could not understand.

But now? Do they have complete empty heads? They believe in democracy! It is the biggest fraud. There is a group of people seeing to that one shepherd eats everything. Then they say, "Why should it only be one person? We must form a company called democracy. Instead of having one person on the top, we must have 1000. We must cheat people and tell them that they have elections and that they are deciding." Democracy is a big company of devils. But until today people are not understanding. Electing people! What are you electing? Putting 500 people there and saying that this is power?   People were hoping that this new system would give them their rights. But they quickly recognised that in the time of monarchy they had many more rights, much more mercy and many more blessings. Monarchy had one person, now it is thousands of people.

The rights of the masses are diminishing from day to day but they continue to talk about human rights!    These clever French people! They opened their prisons and let their criminals run their country. They killed all their good people. That was the opening. Because if you do not thank Allah, you will fall down. People were always complaining about their kings, so Allah punished them by giving them something worse. They thought they were getting good days, but it was the opposite. Since then they are removing one king after another, but still not finding what they were looking for.

People continue to ask for human rights. For this purpose they have established the UN in the USA, the place of the biggest lies. They claim to defend and give human rights! Monarchies are gone and the new system democracy never gives anything. Look at Turkey for example. The Prime Minister asked me to come and break the fast with him. Those satanic people, the media, got up and asked why he wanted to invite Holy People? Are those the rights that we have? People are more and more understanding the value of having a king or a sultan. Democracy is finished!   The more people ask for a monarchy, the sooner it will come. Allah is sending the news to our Grandsheiks telling us that the monarchy will be back. We are seeing that people are fed up with being cheated. Every nation is now saying that the time has come for their sultans to return. The time has come to ask pardon from them because we did not respect them. In Germany they did an opinion-poll and they found that 60 % want their Kaiser back. After the worst system has fallen, communism, which is even worse than democracy.  The people of Russia also want their Tsars. Rumanians want their kings. Even the Serbs want their king back, as well as the Ottomans in Turkey.

Come to Truth!

You may belong to any religion, to any school of thought or to any nation, but you must follow Truth. You must accept Truth. You must try to learn about Truth. You must try to know what Truth is, try to find out how Truth comes from Heavens to mankind.   Prophets, messengers and their successors, saints, know the Truth. None of them hide anything concerning Truth, because the honour of a person is based on keeping Truth as it is. If someone hides Truth or plays with it, he will be dishonoured, disrespected and thrown out of the Divine Presence. Allah the Almighty granted you Truth from His Divine Presence, absolute Truth, like a virgin. No one can  play with it, or hide anything from it. Truth is protected from the hands of devils. If you think that Truth will be in the hands of devils, you are committing a great sin, because the source of Truth is the Divine Presence. It declares that all of us, without making any differences, are servants. You have been created to serve the Divine.

The biggest war is, that our egos will always oppose being servants. Say to the bishop that he is a servant. Tell the pope that he is a servant. Tell Jesus Christ* that he is a servant. They will be happy. If they are not, they are not on Truth. That is our war. Our egos never accept it: "I am an MP, how can you call me a servant?", "I am a minister, how can you call me a servant?", "I am a king, or a queen, how can you call me a servant?"... Satan cheats people with nonsense titles. This is why when we say the shahada, we are saying that we are witnessing the unity and the existence of Allah, that there is no god but Him and that Muhammad* is His servant and Prophet. Servant hood comes first, then Prophethood.    Who gave lordship to Jesus Christ*? Did Allah? Where is it written? He is saying that he is a servant. We must correct so many things. We must come to our real size. We are not only using king-size, but world-wide size. This world cannot carry our sizes, that is how big we are with our nonsense titles. This is why our Prophet says, "Whoever has even less than an atom of pride, cannot enter Paradise!" It is forbidden for proud people to enter Paradise. They go to hell. Whoever accepts to be humble, will find the doors of Paradise open. Whoever has even the smallest pride will be stopped. Everyone wants to find something within themselves to be proud of. Come to yourself, to your servant hood-size and you can enter.   Everyone must accept Truth and be Defenders of Truth. If not, this world will be destroyed, fully destroyed, nothing will be left. Satan and his devils cause our egos to fight each other and make everyone enemies of each others, like two cats. Our egos cause all wars, our dirty egos. Come to Truth and say that you are a servant. You will find yourself being humble, easy and happy. There will be no more fighting, because you will be simple. Our Prophet* said that Muslims should be easy, not complicated. But we are like rocks, which is a sign of hell. Come and accept Truth.

We must come to Truth which is like honey, when you put it bees will come from all sides. All religions have declared Truth, only our egos have changed it all. Truth is so simple, it means servant hood, nothing else. Everything else is nonsense and wastes our precious lives.

The Lord is looking at us to see if we are doing the Divine Service He offered us to do. It is our honour to be able to do it. As long as we glorify Him, He will glorify us, He will dress us with blessings, with Divine Lights and He will prepare never-ending honours and blessings within Paradise for us. Don't think that there are only 8 Paradises. There are countless Paradises for those who accept Truth and accept to be His servants and not to fight and not to quarrel. Leave fighting and come to His servant hood, then peace and Divine Support will come.  Don't worry about the weapons of the devils. True ones can stop all that within a second. Satan and his agents are so weak. Don't fear their hydrogen bombs or nuclear bombs, it is nothing. For your honour Allah can order one of His weakest servants to destroy all that within a second. If the secret power with which the nuclear bombs work is taken away, it will all be like toys for children. You have been honoured by being servants. Accept being His servant and you will be happy here and in the hereafter.

Extract from: "Defending Truth"

© Zero Productions, London 1997


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Allah's Messenger said 'If any man of the people of the scriptures believes in his own prophet and then believes in me too, he will get a double reward'.

Sahi al-Bukhari Vol 7 hadith 26.

Narrated from Abu-Busarada's father.